Workout – CAS Experience 8

Nothing helps better than doing workout at home whether to gain or to maintain fitness. I believe that self-motivation is very important for one to start working out and starting off initially from working out at home is a great way to achieve fitness.

The Learning Outcomes which I’ve demonstrated are LO1, LO2, LO3, and LO4.

LO1 – Every person has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to working out. I have the ability to take the pain of burning calories to maintain proper fitness which makes it strength for me. I need to work on maintaining the consistency of working out and also take help of videos so that my energy on working out does not go to waste.  

LO2 – Working out is one of the most challenging method to achieve fitness. It requires mental and physical preparedness before one starts to workout. I had challenged myself to start working out as I was losing out on my fitness because of the pandemic and my academics.

LO3 – While planning for this experience, I decided to workout after coming back home from school or during evening hours. This decision was made so that I can get to rest after the workout session and it would also not interfere with my schedule of studying.

LO4 – Any long-term activity, particularly a workout, requires dedication and perseverance. Many people prefer giving up after a few days of working out without even considering the long-term advantages of it. I’ve realised that this has benefited me both physically and emotionally. It refreshes me, and more importantly, it makes me feel fulfilled and accomplished. Doing so has made me gain fitness and enhanced my stamina upto some extent and also I am not easily weary as a result of it.

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