Cooking – CAS Experience 7

I have always wanted to learn cooking as it is one of the skills needed for survival and also eating the food which is cooked by yourself has a whole new feeling attached to it. As a beginner who wants to learn to cook, I took help from my mom and learned how to bake a cake using biscuits and cookies.

The Learning Outcomes which I’ve demonstrated are LO1, LO2, LO3, and LO4.

LO1 – Cooking has never been easier whether a beginner or an expert. I knew that I am weak at cooking and it is one of the survival skills that one should know, I wanted to learn and improve my cooking skills. My strength is that I am good at understanding instructions and also at physical activities which makes it helpful to learn about cooking.

LO2 – Initially when I started to learn about what is the basic knowledge of cooking, it was very challenging to understand and implement it. After going through it, my mom gave me instructions and made me do the preparations for baking the cake. During the process of making the cake, I had learned new skills whether it was mixing the ingredients, laying flat the mixed ingredients in the microwave bowl, etc. 

LO4 – I was committed and persistent towards learning to cook because this is one of the survival skills and also I have always wanted to learn to cook. After learning how to bake a cake, I try to cook some or the other dish every week with help of my mom so that I don’t lose this persistence and stay committed to enjoying learning to cook.

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