boxing training #7

Today, boxing falls into two main categories: amateur and professional. boxing is also recognized at an olympic level. boxing it just not an aggressive sport, it also helps develop attentiveness, reflexiveness, mind and body game. i started training for boxing from last one year, and i am utterly interested toward it, and i am not determined towards competing. i train for 2 hours each day. this sports also helps me maintain a healthy and fit life.

focused LO- 1, 2, 4, 7

LO1- while training there are strengths and weaknesses which I was able to recognize. The strength which I recognize were that i naturally have an aggressive and attentive while boxing and I have a good reactivity strength, but the weakness for the same is that i am not really good with arm strength which really is a very big draw back in my performance thus to improve on it i also had to do extra arm exercises to improve on it.

LO2- the one of the most challenging part was to not boxing and sustain for the whole day in school where i also have task of writing and typing long essays and my arms used to get so sore used to pain a lot.

LO4- I practice for 2 hours everyday except Sunday and I have been doing this for 1 years, that to in my final 2 years of schooling. It is hard for me to manage time with studies and it is necessary improving my skills it is necessary. i wake up early to train so that i dont miss on my classes and tuitions after school.

LO7- While doing the training I always took care of the ethics and followed the rules of boxing. The other thing which I do while doing the training is that I always wore boxing gloves to prevent injuries to me and my training partner. 


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