Feeding Stray Dogs

Feeding Stray Dogs

As an animal lover and a dog owner I have always had a soft spot for animals and while staring out of my window during the pandemic I noticed stray dogs roaming around trying to find food but had no luck as no one would feed them resulting in me being upset and feeling guilty to see such innocent voiceless animal suffering thus I took the initiative to feed stray dogs along with my friends and distributed areas around our houses or places with lots of stray dogs and feed them food items such and biscuits etc

LO1 Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

During the activity, I identified a new skill that I excelled at which was planning skills as we had to plan out locations and try to figure out which area was convenient for every group member this part was executed by me, and planning the event went very smoothly without any inconvenience and helped me identify my skills of planning.

Now that I am aware of the skill I feel I could take charge and take on responsibility in future events and activities and also help me feel and contribute better to the events I participate in. and knowing this strength might benefit me as it would help better organize future events as tasks could be assigned according to skillset and result in better execution.

LO3 Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

Organizing the event was not that difficult due to effective communication and I organized the event in the evenings or mornings when people usually are free after or before work I had also set a schedule to organize myself so that the execution would be smooth without any hiccups and I feel while I might be unorganized when I lack excitement or valid information I was pretty organized for this event as it created an impact. 

While both planning and initiating were easy, comparatively planning was a bit difficult as we had to get people to volunteer and get information and distribute areas but the execution was easy and I think it will be easier to plan events in the future as this helped me experience and gain valuable data and gave me a good insight on the possible problems I could face as I think this will help me a lot like planning and initiating is an important part of my carrier and it would help me get an insight from the beginning and be better and work on my weaknesses and improve.

LO5 Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Usually, I enjoy working in groups as they are effective and it’s always fun to meet new people during this activity, it was an enjoyable experience to work with people who shared the same aspiration to make a change and devote themselves and their time to something greater themselves and to help someone and everyone in the group was very supportive so it was easy to work and I did not face any challenges and I think this was an important experience as I got to learn a lot and met new people and I think it was important to work in groups as we were able to do more and make a small impact compared to the world but still an impact greater than ourselves and more than what we could have achieved individually.

LO6 Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

The issue here is the suffering of voiceless animals and injustice towards other life forms on land and hunger and it is an important issue as animals also need a balanced diet in order to grow and stay healthy while animal starvation also has effects on diseases which could be deadly and it would be ethically wrong to let other important life forms starve while humans waste resources.

I was aware of the issue for a long time and wanted to act on it. Still, I was never able to arrange anything, and sometimes even when I tried I felt I could not make an impact alone on such a huge global issue. I also got more insight about the issue from my ESS classes about species loss and animal extinction and its impact on ecosystems and after learning about the seriousness of the issue I found myself trying to be more conscious after witnessing animals starve I learned the importance of food and tried to be more conscious being more responsible and growing.

And after the CAS activity, I felt very satisfied to see dogs being excited and having food and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to contribute to something for the greater good I would definitely try to help more animals and contribute more to solving the issue and making an impact.

LO7 Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

The ethical issue faced during the issue was the food that was given to the dogs, while many dog owners and online articles said biscuits are usually safe for dogs we were not aware of their nutrient requirements and other factors we had an ethical dilemma and we had to end up choosing biscuits as they were easier to carry and did not create a mess and kept the places clean.

In the end, it felt really rewarding to work towards such activities, that help someone and was a very rewarding experience and helped us understand the importance of food and giving back and we will try to make a greater impact in the future as it has motivated us greatly.

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