Spreading Awareness About Air Pollution

Air pollution posters

While following the news about the conditions worsening and the air quality degrading 

constantly, I was concerned about the is impacts and consequences on our daily lifestyle and health, as a student of ESS I had read about the huge impacts bad air quality would have on both the economy and health and to make an impact I decided to spread awareness i decided to design posters and distribute them as posters have been an effective way of spreading information and would help me spread awareness.


My strength during the activity was my past experience with the online posters as for many such activities and assignments I had to create similar posters and thus I had trust in my abilities to create a poster that could convey a message 


One of the main challenges faced during the activity was finding reliable information regarding air pollution and being able to present it in an appealing way to attract the reader’s attention,

Both the challenges were solved as for the reliability of the information we used reliable trusted sites which would increase the legitimacy of the data and for the poster presentation, I took help from a friend to give me feedback on the changes and what further changes could be made.


In order to organize the activity planning part was a bit hard as we had to keep up with other deadlines thus i took help from a friend and distribute work amongst ourselves and according to days we each completed tiny portions of the posters which led us to easily complete the posters on time, the planning part really helped me understand the process of planning better and helped me understand the importance of planning and communication with peers during the planning process and this will help me greatly in the future.


Air pollution is a serious issue and it affects everyone the concerning part is not many people make an effort to help and there are many sources contributing to air pollution, after the taking the activity I got to learn a lot about the issue and since then I have been making decision keeping in mind the consequences it could have and trying to be more sustainable.


The ethical issue here could be the option of us presenting information to the public not knowing how it could make an impact as while the data we collected might be accurate it could be of a specific time period which could result in people taking different learnings from the poster and as we are not experts presenting information could be ethically wrong.

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