Spreading awareness about Covid-19 and spreading masks

Spreading awareness about Covid-19 and spreading masks 

While the conditions worsened in India and covid started affecting more and more people, we were privileged enough to take precautions and take necessary steps to protect ourselves but while we realized not everyone had such luxury and as Poverty rose in India and more and more people were getting infected we had to help as responsible citizens, and it was important as India is a developing country with high poverty rates leading to the less educated population it was important to educate the less privileged about the importance of taking precautions and steps on ensuring safety such as using sanitizers and wearing masks, thus I along with some friends decided to distribute masks and spread awareness to make an impact and be responsible citizens and play our role in helping out those in need.


While distributing masks and spreading awareness we divided into groups and it was important to work together as we were on a time schedule following the lockdown we also had to reach as many people as possible and it is usually easy for me to work with people this activity was a bit tricky as conveying information to spread awareness was challenging as not everyone was able to deliver the information effectively thus we had to regroup and assign roles again where people volunteered according to their skillset and we were able to work more efficiently and it was important to work in a group so that everyone could have a partner to back them up and support them and a larger team so that we could cover more area and spread more awareness and distribute more masks.

Leadership and teamwork are important skill sets for me as I wish to pursue a career that requires leadership skills and in order for any execution of an idea, teamwork is very necessary for any situation thus I feel it was very important for me to learn from this experience and it was a very fruitful and rewarding experience where I was able to manage a team and with effective communication and participation we were able to achieve our goal and it helped me learn and improve problem-solving skills.


The major issue here is health and well being and this could not be achieved when there is no proper education as a global goal of achieving better health and well being by the UN it was important to act on it even if it means on small scales and education the locals about the seriousness about the issue was also important as they cannot afford any education due to poverty and it was important to cater to the issue and educate the locals in order to ensure better health and well being.

The issue is important globally as covid is a disease that can spread easily and neglecting the virus or not being aware enough on how to fight it could lead to it increasing and taking more lives or becoming more dangerous thus it was an important issue that needed immediate action in order for it to work and was one of the most effective solutions available to counter the disease.

After knowing about the issue I feel fortunate enough to have achieved proper education and I feel the issue is very serious as it is an important part of a country’s growth and it should be catered to urgently and effective steps should be taken


The ethical issue faced here was us taking part in the activity as it could be a poor decision to go outside during covid even while the rules and laws allowed us to as we had to return to our homes or meet people who we could catch the virus from or spread it but we ensure proper precautions and one team member was constantly providing sanitizer and we also took a rapid covid test for some people who felt unsure and luckily with proper precautions we were able to complete the task without anyone of us catching the disease.

The issue was very serious and I had mixed feelings on one side I did not like the fact that I had to risk the health of my friends but they wanted to do this anyway to make a change and they have devoted it also made me feel good as we made an impact or at least an effort to bring a change.

In the end, we did raise awareness and distributed masks which made us feel good and might have helped a lot of people protect themselves and I think we could maybe be more effective by preparing kits as distributing goods separately was very inconvenient and overall it was an eye

opening experience which will help us grow and become more conscious about the world around us.

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