Heart Valve disease

Nowadays there are many fatal diseases and many that mankind has yet to find a cure for. One of them is heart valve disease, it is a fatal disease in which the valves of your heart are unable to work they are supposed to.

The heart valves are at the exit of each four chambers of the heart and their job is to keep the blood moving freely forward and that there is no backward leakage.

There are many techniques for diagnosing heart valve disease like a physical exam, EKG, Chest X-ray, etc.

Since your whole body depends on blood it may be that due to heart valve disease your whole body systems are affected like the nervous system and if the nervous system is affected the whole body is affected. The flow of blood to your nervous system(brain) is constantly changing then the brain won’t be able to properly receive and send signals.

As we know the valves are at each of the exits of the chambers of the heart. Heart transplantation may play an important role because if heart transplantation is conducted then even the valves of the heart will change and it may prevent/cure heart valve disease. Even scientific advances play an important role because if a new medicine is created/developed or a cure for heart valve disease is discovered then heart transplantation may not be necessary.

To cure the disease if heart transplantation is needed then there are many implications. If the donor is of any other religion than the religion of the receiver then it might be that the society or the family might be against it and also not everyone in the world can afford heart transplantation.

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