“Cancer is tough. Even saying it, it’s a tough word to say.” In the last few years, the word cancer has been even more frequently used and has been given a lot of importance. But what exactly is cancer and what is Leukemia? Cancer can start almost from any corner of the human body, which is made up of trillions of cells. As life goes on our cells degenerate, and new cells take their place. Human cells grow and divide to form new cells to carry out the process of catabolism and anabolism or simply the process of life but cancer cells form when they are not needed. These extra cells can divide without stopping and may form growths called tumors. Unlike most cancer; Leukemia is different from other types of cancer which start in organs like the lungs, breast and then spread to the bone marrow while Leukemia cells itself develop in the bone marrow. Once the marrow cell undergoes a leukemic change, in most cases leukemia cells grow and survive better than normal cells.

Over time, the leukemia cells crowd out while suppressing the development of normal cells, Leukemia affects the Circulatory System. When stem cells grow into abnormal cells there will be great repercussions. Common symptoms like:

– Fever or chills

-Bone pain and weakness

-Frequent infections

-Losing weight without trying

-Swollen lymph nodes, enlarged liver or spleen

-Easy bleeding or bruising


A blood test showing an abnormal white cell count may suggest the diagnosis. To confirm the diagnosis and identify the specific type of leukemia, a needle biopsy and aspiration of bone marrow from a pelvic bone will need to be done to test for leukemic cells, DNA markers, and chromosome variations.

Today there are few possible treatments available to operating the condition from getting worst and curing it to some extent. Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) is a useful strategy for the treatment of leukemia. Stem Cell Treatment Is Effective for certain cases of Acute Leukemia. The researchers found that treatment using a sibling’s stem cells might be more effective than chemotherapy in children and adults who have entered their first remission from the disease. Red cells and platelets may be replaced by healthy donated cells in the form of blood transfusions. Most patients with leukemia require some transfusions during their care and with these few steps the conditions can be prevented from to getting worst and could also lead to a better lifestyle.

Despite the increase of global demand for supply of organs, cells, tissues, and blood needed for the transplantation is not being met due to the high priced storage of goods which cannot be moved from one country to another making the goods geography immobile, also considering clinical facility which is not  available, not all country have the specialized labor to get the job done at the same time people don’t have monetary strength to get the disease cured and the cost for medical exceeds $5000, Peoples religious view of transplanting others blood also varies as some consider other religions to be impure. The government doesn’t support its citizens as most countries prime goal is to create social rest and develop in terms of GPD these have a various impact just to state a few: Taking into account the quality of life of families as well as patients there are a wide variety of aspects of family members’ lives can be affected, including emotional, financial, family relationships, education and work, leisure time, and social activities. The disease not only burdens the family financially but also mentally drains them this may further lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Family members are often depressed especially the children who are constantly reminded of the pain and suffering. Some positive aspects were also identified from the literature, including family relationships grow stronger. Even after the patients passes they often leave a sense of sorrow and guilt making that they could have provided more assistance and comfort. The patients are already pressured to keep up with all the check up which again isn’t mentally suitable. They are regularly considering the possibility of this being their last day and other and sooner or later they lose the hope to fight. I strongly believe that life is too short and these diseases make it even shorter so donate your blood if you can and provide an individual with days which are worth living.

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