CAS Reflection – Exercise Regularly

LO-1 – In the heights of Covid-19, it was important to make sure that we don’t let our bodies lethargic. Earlier, I used to work out but it wasn’t done so frequently. Therefore, I decided to continue this as a CAS experience as now I won’t miss fitness sessions and consistently dedicate my time to this activity. 

LO-2 – I decided to exercise regularly beginning from May to October. I basically did some home workout exercises, a few to name are push-ups, pull-ups, skipping, lunges, and many more. I even used an app named ‘Home Workout’ to refer to the different workouts and it also included a chart of the days the workout was done. Maintaining physical fitness along with mental fitness is very important in times like these so I took up this as a challenge and continued to do it. 

LO-4 – This experience really taught me skills like perseverance and commitment to the task. Sometimes, it was difficult to get up and start working but still, I looked at the positive side and worked hard. Furthermore, this process improved my self-management skills. I made up my timetable and the number of days and hours I am going to work so that it is easy to follow the schedule. 

LO-7 – I considered the ethics of choosing this as my CAS experience and dedicated my time to the activity regularly. 

On the contrary, now even after I have completed the experience I still am continuing with doing these exercises because it has positively impacted me since then. Also, I play table tennis and basketball regularly so it was good for some physical activity so that I don’t get exhausted easily when I continue with these sports. 

In all, I really enjoyed this experience and look forward to continuing to maintain my physical health

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