CAS Reflection – Online Summer School course in Advertising

I tried exploring another domain where in this time it is a course that I was doing in ‘Advertising’. 

LO-1 – At the beginning, I wasn’t really sure about this programme but thought maybe this is worth exploring. And so it turned out to be wonderful. I was really glad with my decision after I attended a few sessions of this course. I could understand the basics of this field, including the consumer behaviour and their insights upon advertisement, knowing target market, analysing case studies, and then finally how to make an advertisement for commercial purpose. 

LO-2 and LO-5 – In the process, I used my communication skills, thinking skills and research skills at large. It was important to communicate with my group members who were not actually present with me as this was done virtually. Due to this, it was really difficult to coordinate with the other people whom you don’t know and are from different corners of India.

LO-4 – Moreover, it was important to use your critical thinking skills as we were supposed to design a 3-D model of our product, and make sure it is well-worth connected to consumer insights and other factors which are important. Also, we researched a lot so that we could come up with multiple designs and finally decide upon the best one and work on our presentation.

LO-7 – I ethically considered the choice of selecting this CAS experience and did all the work on my own without any external help. Therefore, I even cited all the references I took in the final presentation of the course. 

All in all, it was really a great experience and I learned so many things from the professor and this course. 


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