CAS: IAYP Bronze Level

As part of one of my CAS experience I completed the IAYP Bronze Level.

We started our IAYP bronze level 2 years before in Grade 9. The four tasks in IAYP are 30 km trek (Adventure), any kind of sport and skill for more than 1 week and community service.

For our adventure component we went to DANG which is a forest in Gujarat and completed really difficult treks, this included steep mountain climbing with short and long tracks, we even saw a cobra in the forest. We even cooked our own food at the campsite for interacting more with the locals. We were guided by our supervisor Ms.Kopal Agrawal.

We did the PS/AS activities as part of activities and skills which was to be done for more than 1 week. The PS activity done by me was Basketball which was supervised by Mr. Krushi Desai, this included shooting, layups, drills and playing matches. For the Skill part I completed my AS in photography which was supervised by Mr. Adhish Panchal, we took different kind of architectural, cyan, landscape and portrait photographs.

For service I taught Vedic Math to small children so that they can compute faster calculations which included various SUTRAS. The service was done during the COVID crisis while we were in our homes, the sessions were taken online through google meet, we prepared a presentation for the same to guide us in the teaching and clear the doubts of the students. The supervisor for this task was Ms.Kinjal Morkhia.

The completion of this Bronze Level IAYP marked another milestone though it was very difficult and time-taking. The CAS compenent covered in this experience was Creativity, Activity and Service. The creativity component was accomplished by the skill part of IAYP which was photography as I learned a new skill in photography, the Activity section was accomplished by the adventure section in IAYP in which we accompished lond and short distance treks and the Service component was completed by the vedic maths sessions which were taught to children aged 13-15 years.

The learning outcomes in this CAS experience were L2,L3 and L4.

L2: The IAYP trip was very challanging because I was very afraid to climb a steep slope of mountain so the adventure played a good role in facing and ovecoming my challanges and fears.

L3: I intiated my CAS experience by enrolling myself into IAYP and following my supervisors instructions to complete the IAYP.

L4: Completing the adventure part of the IAYP was a very difficult activity so completing all the 4 parts of IAYP was itself a great commitment to accomplish the IAYP.

Some insights from last year’s adventure trip to Mahal 🙂
IAYP participants learnt about
GPS working in forests
Self cooking
24 km trekking
Rope knots
Tent pitching
How to make temporary stretcher
How to survive in forests without water
And much more about nature, than we actually know.


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