Home mini garden :- creativity

Taking care of our surroundings is a must, plants help provide us with oxygen to breathe. They also take a part in the d├ęcor of the house. Mini plant are the plants which can be kept at home without any high maintenance, all they need is a little sunlight and water. I have been doing this and taking interest since my mom started doing it.

watering the plants and taking care of them is what I have been doing for few months now and This activity is my daily routine and could be called a habit now.
Taking care of trees and plants is very necessary for our living and should be constantly taken care of. They create a pleasant atmosphere for us and many times also makes our mind more calm and gentle. The best thing about it is that there are no disadvantages of it and has many advantages, I got this unique habit of taking care of plants from my mom and now i don’t only see them as just normal plants but i see them as a living animal in my house to which i have to care .

This is a very serious issue, cutting down the trees is very common nowadays for human needs, be it for industrialization, be it products and many more. This has to be balanced until its too late. I have also been watering and growing plants ad trees around my house now since i have made an attachment with it, These plants are very cheap and easy to grow and take care of it, literally a 10 year old child can do it. I also shared this to my friends and even they started the same. If I am able to convince a couple of others why does this chain have to stop, after all, its benefits the society.

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