CAS: Logo and Graphic Designing

In the COVID lockdown many people discovered the passion and interest in cooking and baking and even my relatives and family friends came up with this interest.

One of my relatives was my cousin sister who started a home startup company named “Cravr’s”. My sistes is fond of making cheescakes and cookies so she started selling those making them from her home. She asked me to make a logo ane menu card for her home startup so that she can attract more and more consumers and get brand name.

I created the Brand logo and menu card on the online platform Canva which is free and easily accessible. I showed it to my sister and she liked it and created an instagram page for her startup and posted the menu card and logo for public attraction and awareness.

I saw this as the accomplishment of a CAS experience so I started asking my Family and friends for any kind of Graphic designing so I came across my Aunt who also created a home startup named “Mishti” for selling indian sweets such as Gulab Jamun, Rasagulla and Jalebis. I asked her for my assistance and she agreed and I made a poster for her which was used by her on social media for increasing brand value and awareness.

Completing this CAS experience made me realize of one of my hidden talent. The CAS component covered in this experience was Creativity as I was creative to create the logo’s and graphic designs that were liked by my friends and family members.

The learning outcomes in this experience were L1, L2 and L5.

L1: I identified my strength of graphic designing by getting involved into the field of digital design, I discovered that my designs were good as my brother and friends appriciated it which encouraged me to help my sister for the same.

L2: The challange was to create an attractive logo and menu card for my sister which was undertaken by asking my sister which logo she liked which would create an attractive final logo.

L5: Working collaboratively with my sister has helped me to find the inner talent inside me of creating designs, it has also helped my sister to serve the purpose of her home startup.


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