CAS: Gym at Home

In the COVID lockdown I was getting Fat as physical activities were not done so I decided to start Gymming at Home itself to avoid the risk of getting COVID and staying Fit.

For starting Gym at home firstly I purchased the CULT membership which is an online platform where professional trainers from India guide you for workouts and gymming at home. There are numerous trainers who are specialized into different field like Cardio, Weight-lifting, Body-Building, etc.

I started doing the Cardio sessions in my room, we have to place a device in from of us so that we can see what the trainer is doing and so that our Heart rate, and body movement can also be tracked through smart watch, motion sensors and camera.

As I did more and more training session I became more familiar with the online platform and started body building for muscle increase. I even had skipping rope and dumbles at my home which aided me in the sessions.

This CAS experience was of approx. 1 month in which I did body building and cardio on alternate days. Guidance from professional trainers really helped me to stay fit and active in the lockdown.

The CAS components covered in this experience are creative and activity. Creativity is covered in this experience because I found a new way to maintain and balance my physical well-being through simple training sessions at my Home.

The learning outcomes in this experience are L1, L2, L3 and L4.

L1: I identified my own strength and weaknesses by doing hard core excercises, doing the hard core excercices helped me to identify in which excerices I lacked, I found that I lacked in the flippers, squats, push ups.

I feel that I should work more on these excercises in order to maintain my core, identifying the weaknesses will help me become more stronger and better in doing the excercises and help me become more fit.

L2: The challange for doing hard core and belly burn excercises has been undertaken. It was challanging because I had to give the workout some time in my daily routine and I could not do the excercises in the beginning but got used to it slowly and gradualy.

L3: I planned my CAS experience by creating a timetable for my routine, I bifurcated my workout planning into different categories like core excercise, upper body, lower body, etc this helped me to stay organized and focused on my goal.

L4: I showed commitment to my goals in this experience to stay fit, the thing that made this activity difficult were the hard core exercises which would we very tough.


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