CAS Experience – Basketball


Playing Basketball is always my way to get stress-free, as it is my favorite sport but due to the pandemic I wasn’t able to play the sport and had to stay indoors. After the situation got better so I was able to play basketball with my friends and I made an objective to play basketball every day for at least an hour. Hence, I decided to make this my CAS experience.

Learning Outcomes

L1 – I was able to identify and understand my strengths, which were playing offense, defense, and passing. With help of my peers, I was also able to identify where I am imprecise, and I was able to correct myself and overcome my mistakes, eventually becoming a better player.

L4 – Correcting my mistakes and using techniques to improve my game was the most difficult part of playing the sport as I often made repeated mistakes despite my efforts though I was able to become better and used different techniques to defeat the opposing team, I was often scolded by other players to improve my skills and the way I play but still I was able to cope up with my emotions and continue to play.

L5 – Since Basketball is a team game, I developed collaboration skills and was able to effectively communicate with my team, during the process I also developed new skills, which were critical thinking skills and self-management skills, as I made decisions whether to pass the ball to other teammates or to shoot. I also took care of my safety and other’s safety in-game. Without my peers, I would not have been able to learn new techniques and overcome my mistakes.

Learner Profile –

Risk-taker – There were many instances where I have could have been badly injured, despite knowing that, I took the risk of keep on playing and achieving my target.

Balanced – Making balanced decisions while playing the sport is important as to when I should play on my own and score or give chance to other players and pass the ball to them.


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