CAS Experience – Making chocolates and donating it to indigent children


Chocolates are sweet treats which children enjoy but not all children have the money to buy chocolates and enjoy it, during the lockdown it was very difficult for homeless children to have shelter, food, and water so I decided to learn to make chocolates and then donate it to the needful children, and make it as a CAS experience.

Learning Outcome

L2 – There were a few challenges and difficulties which I faced while making chocolates, such as spilling the chocolate on the tray, overfilling the mold with chocolate and etc. After taking several trials of making and packing chocolates, I was able to eventually make chocolates though they were not perfect.

L3 – It took a few days to plan the CAS experience, as many steps and safety measures were needed to be followed before making chocolates, such as what chocolate compound did I need to use, where do I need to distribute it, and since COVID-19 was still an issue, I needed to take safety precautions such as wearing a mask. I also decided what flavor and shape were to be selected of chocolates.

L6 – Small actions lead to significant changes. Even though donating chocolates was not enough to feed the children but it creates happiness in the children and even encourages other people to take such actions and make a change, as these small changes will resolve global issues such as hunger and poverty. My goal was not just to donate chocolates but also spark ambition among people to do something for other people, even if it is a small-scale activity.

Learner Profile

Caring – I displayed empathy and compassion towards them by taking the initiative to donate chocolates to the indigent children as I also made a positive impact on these children.

Reflective – After several trials of making chocolates and reflecting upon my mistakes, I understood them and corrected them during the final batch of chocolates, I made sure that the chocolates were close to being perfect.


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