Learning to play the Ukulele (Creativity)

Music is a universal language, and I find it therapeutic. Playing my own music is something that I always dreamed of doing but I never learned to play an instrument. I thought learning the ukulele would be a great pastime in the lockdown and I’ll acquire a skill that I’ve always wanted to have. Since I was told that it is a relatively easy instrument to play, I decided that I could teach myself how to play it with the help of some online tutorials and music apps.


LO2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

I had never learned to play an instrument before, neither did I ever have any music lessons. I faced many challenges while learning this new skill, as I did not have any teacher to guide me. The chords that I played often sounded different than how the app said it’s supposed to sound, the strings kept going out of tune, and my hands would ache because I didn’t press the strings correctly. But, with some practice and hard work, I went from not being able to play a single note properly to being able to play a whole song. 

LO4- Show commitment to and perseverance.

Playing an instrument is not something that one can learn overnight. It requires practice, rehearsal and hard work. I faced many difficulties while trying to learn this new skill, but I practiced every day and within a few weeks, I could see improvement in myself. I am still a beginner and nowhere near perfect, but I know if I keep practicing I will get better. 


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