watering plants as service and activity for my CAS.

Hello, my name is Aditya Jalan, and my CAS activity was to water the plants of my building during lockdown, as most of our staff were migrating back to their villages, the plants in my building started to rot, so me and my servant use to take buckets of water from our home, and the water pipes to water the plants until the gardeners returned. It felt like my moral responsibility

The reason I found my task challenging was, once i filled my bucket i could easily water 10 to 15 plants, but after that i had to go refill the tank, and the taps weren’t anywhere near, so i had to walk 400 metres and return back with a filled bucket, the process was very tiring. i myself have never done anything like that before, it was a whole new experience for me, but eventually i found a way to overcome the challenge, i used to ask for a long water pipe and used to fill bucket with the water from fountains as well. i feel very proud that i had undertaken this experience it really made me feel how much people work, it seems easy, also i felt proud doing a service to my society. Skill i have discovered from this experience would be perseverance and commitment . I also feel that these skills will surely help me more in my life and my academics. It is important for me to undertake new challenge as during lockdown i have been very lethargic and undertaking new challenges help me to be more active and energized. A skill that i have learned through this experience is being more sympathetic and responsible, as the plants needed to be watered every other day, without it they used to frown. this skill will also help me in the future as when i start working i will be having lots of responsibility and being responsible will surely come handy.

this activity was surely a test of my perseverence and comittment, as i had to lift a whole bucket around my society multiple times, in order to water the plants, in hot sun, every other day, the activity was very tiring and most of the times boring as well, manier times my clothes were also spoiled, and i had to face’ bug problem’ as well but still i used to go everyday to water them, it was a good excersize and also a great service to my society and the plants. i am a procrastination it is very hard for me to commit to things, i don’t know the reason, maybe i am just too lazy, but showing commitment is really important as it helps build a persons character, one can have a hobby only if he is committed, one can a perfect and hone his skills only if he is committed, and so through this activity i have learned the true meaning and importance of commitment.

my activity benefitted others as well, as it was a service, i helped my society by watering the plants, i saved them from rotting, and the completion of the same brought lot of joy and sense of accomplishment as this was my first ever experience where i did something like this

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