LO-1-Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth.

I am a foodie however cooking is not my cup of tea. The quarantine period made me realise that I need to learn cooking and baking on my own to be ready for the future when I won’t have anyone to make food for me. It really helped me learn a lot of new skills and recipes. I identified that I am good at managing things and cleanliness. I tend not to make the kitchen messy while cooking or baking however I realised that I am very impatient but patience here is the key. Food needs time to be cooked properly however I sometimes tried to rush through the process. 

LO-2-Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

I took up this CAS experience as a challenge, I challenged myself to learn how to cook and bake. I thought that I would be able to make 50 different dishes over the course of 3 months however that was a big challenge for me. I completed 38 dishes out of which 15 were dessert dishes. I learned different types of cutting techniques for vegetables. Such as julienne cut, dices, slices, chopping, blunt cutting. I had to be very careful and attentive around all the hot utensils and food. Slowly and gradually I learned to be more patient during the process of cooking as well as baking. 

LO-3-Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

I first planned on the dishes that I wanted to make, before making a dish I had to make sure that I had all the ingredients with me. I had to follow the recipe step by step, there were recipes were multiple mixtures were to be made before making the actual dish. Such as making tomato puree before starting the process of making the pasta sauce. Some sauces or mixtures also needed time to cool down like in cheesecake, I had to plan to make it at a time that after baking it it’s time to cool down overnight. Basic planning is a much needed skill while following a recipe. 

LO-4-Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

I planned to learn dishes over a period of 3 months. I tried to learn a lot of different types of dishes under my grandmother’s supervision. I had to show commitment and perseverance to this CAS experience as it was long term. Despite IB submissions and studies, I had to make time for time consuming dishes. 

LO-7-Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

I had to make sure I didn’t waste any products however there was a lot of wastage of products such as small amounts of flour. I had to be wise about my health and for maintaining a balance between healthy and junk food was something I had to pay a lot of attention to however I guess I failed to balance the both and my sugar intake increases immensely during this period.  


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