CAS Reflection – Chess

Lockdown created a lot of problems for me. One of the major concerns was screen time , as after the schools started on an online platform my screen time increased significantly. Because I was always on my chromebook or my phone. This made me menatlly tired at the end of each day. To address this problem I started to play chess for a month , with a goal to play it daily , increase my focus and make myself feel fresh to complete my daily tasks. I must say it was a very good experience as playing the game itself was giving immense joy and a sense of satisfaction that I am fulfilling my goal by playing chess daily. I got to learn many skills and moves of chess during this period which helped me evolve as a chess player.

Learning outcomes 

  1. LO1- First I understood my strengths and weaknesses related to cycling , and tried to address them to complete my goal. I felt happy to be aware of my strengths and weaknesses because it helps you to focus on particular areas more where more time is required rather than using time for areas where you have some degree of experiste. I even worked on my weaknesses like I played moves in chess very fast at the start as I was being impatient and couldn’t resist to give a thought to the moves I am paying, leading to many blunders. To address that I started playing 10-30 min matches where you have enough time to think and you will not even get bored because of more time.
  1. LO2- During the course of completing this activity I faced challenges like time issues. Finding time for playing chess was an issue as I had a new lifestyle after lockdown . But to motivate myself I kept the benefits of playing chess in front of me which drive to me to start playing chess regularly. This challenge also helped me learn about time management and why priorities should be given more attention rather than things like entertainment which are necessary to an extension to keep you happy and stress free. And to play chess I compromised with my entertainment.
  1. LO4 – Attraction towards other activities and sources of entertainment made this activity difficult initially, as there were very less reasons to leave those activities for chess and there were numerous reasons to leave chess for the other activities, which affected my perseverance and commitment towards playing chess. The commitment required for this activity was to play chess on a regular basis and learn different moves and skills to progress ahead and become a better player every day. Perseverance and commitment are very valuable,  As they help people perform high-quality performance, and are also essential for learning and research.

Final Take away – 

I enjoyed chess as an activity . I completed this activity with commitment and perseverance as pl every day joy gave me immense joy and satisfaction. It helped me increase my focus. I even showcased some learner profile attributes like :

  1. Reflective- I reflected on my performance after every week and checked on the improvements I have made in chess by checking all these stats provided on the app on which I played chess.
  2. Principled – I was principled in following the schedule I made for chess and did not miss playing chess a single day. And made it a regular habit for myself.

This activity has helped me gain immense knowledge on chess and skills required for playing chess. And also how playing chess can help an individual remain focused and energetic for completing his daily work.. Next time when I start cycling I will try to start playing in different physical competitions when the covid-19 situation gets normal , so that I can see how good pliers play around such a huge population and try to see how physical chess tournaments affect my performance. This activity has helped me to remain active and improve my thinking skills as an individual , which developed while playing chess as you require thinking skills while playing for playing good and impactful moves which helps you improve and develop the way you think as an individual, which was the biggest take away for me from this activity.

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