CAS Experience – Home Workout

With the global pandemic and lockdown due to coronavirus, it was difficult for people to stay fit being at their homes as there was no to minimal physical activity. And being actively playing football at school was one of my priorities to stay fit during the lockdown it couldn’t happen. I was thinking of ways to start my physical routine again. At the start, I felt a lack of motivation and guidance as I had to do it all staying at the house.

I started the home workout(17 July 2020) by making a thorough schedule on how my workout will proceed and also creating a diet (eating protein rich food which included boiled eggs, peanut butter, cheese and etc.) for me.


  • Monday: Chest and Abs
  • Tuesday: Abs and cardio
  • Wednesday: —-Break—-
  • Thursday: Abs and cardio
  • Friday: Arms
  • Saturday: Back/ Shoulder
  • Sunday: Legs and cardio

I did the home workout till the year end and I have started going to gym from the new year(2021). I did the home workout with help of app called ‘Home Workout’ on the Playstore, this app suggested me the exercises to do at that particular day.

Learning Outcomes achieved 1, 2, 3, 4

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