Hindi Immersion- Creativity

In classes 11 and 12, we commemorated Hindi Language Day. I was one of those who took the initiative to plan the 2 day event. My classmates and I worked hard to make this event interesting. We organized the whole event, we were split into groups and then plan activities accordingly. We included activities like Kahoot, Charades, Pictionary, made some Hindi related Idioms and some Riddles. Everything was planned by us, we decided the activities to be done and also we had to present our ideas to teachers before this day. So we had a lot of meetings and discussions. 

LO 1- During this event, I got to know many things, not just knowing but I had a great experience. I learnt how to organize and plan things, collaborate with members, time management and it basically helped me to know my abilities, how well I can communicate with others. I identified that I am well that communicating plans with others and giving ideas and so my major focus in the event was to make everyone engage in the event and make sure people are having fun in the event.

LO 2- We had to actually manage the whole activity, so handling the class and making everyone involved in the activity was a challenge for me because I have never done something like this. There were almost 50 people, including students and teachers, so keeping everyone engaged all the time was difficult, specially as it was online. Facing this challenge has really helped me develop skills such as communication and time management. I had other academic work to do and also exams were coming up, so time management was very important and so communication with my group members was also important so that we could efficiently plan the event. Hence, challenges were undertaken to achieve the organizational and communication skills. 

LO 3- The whole planning process was done by us, what activities to plan, how to make students engage in the event. Though it was not that difficult for me because the planning part was clear and decided. To make sure we plan an organized and a timely event, we were supposed to first present our ideas and conduct a sort of mini event in front of our Hindi teachers. Looking back, I think that planning the event was a bit more difficult than presenting our ideas to the teachers because we are a group of students and we had a lot of ideas coming up plus we were given a specific time for the event and that time slot was not enough for us. So we had a lot of meetings and discussions on what activities we could plan and how we make a bunch of people participate in the activity at the same time. In the end, I think initiating and planning events in the future will be easier for me because I think I have learnt a lot of things and it was a great experience. 

LO 4- I was consistent while working with my group members. I was always ready when my group members told me to meet and even though I had my tennis practice, I managed to have discussions with them and always was ready to have planning sessions. I showed regular involvement and active participation during the whole event. I had regular involvement in meetings and other work so that we could have an effective and an interesting event.

LO 5- We all worked collaboratively with my group members and even with the teachers. Working together made our job much easier because we had multiple ideas coming up and though we were divided into 4 groups, we all gave suggestions to each other in order to plan the best activities. First, we the organizers were all in one group, but then we decided to split up so that we can think and plan different activities we can make the students and teachers play, this made our job much easier. There were other instances like these which made our job easy due to the effective collaboration.

Planning sheet before the event
Green Flag received after the event

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