Personal Tennis Training- Activity

Activity- Personal training sessions with my trainer for 6 days a week and 4 hours a day were part of this activity. So, although, I already have evening tennis sessions, I decided to invest time in personal training for 2 weeks to develop my results and enhance my skills. This not only helped me develop my tennis skills, but it also helped me improve my health, strength, and endurance.

LO 1- I already used to play tennis but to perform better, I started to identify my strengths and weaknesses. After identifying areas where I needed to improve, I began to focus on particular skills. While training, I got to know that I do have good stamina which helped me a lot during the fitness sessions to control my high body pains and to stretch the timings for the exercises. These morning sessions did have a lot of running in it which gradually increased my speed and improved my strokes. 

LO 2- The major challenge I faced was waking up early in the morning. I had to really push myself from the bed to get ready. My personal session started at 6:45 in the morning, so I have to wake up at 6 am. Plus due to other academic work and assignments, I used to sleep at around 11:30 pm. Due to this I did not get adequate sleep for around 10 days. This schedule was so exhausting and tiring that it affected my health. While improving my body fitness, I faced a lot of body pain and sometimes weakness which lasted for 1 week or so. After a week my body did feel a bit energetic and improved.

Another difficulty I faced was to overcome my weakness which was speed and jump in my serves. These sessions had a lot of running and cycling which improved my leg strength and so helped me improve speed and my jump while serving. These extra sessions definitely helped me to improve my tennis skills but during these sessions, I suffered muscles soreness which was very painful. 

LO 4- I did attend the morning sessions at court with dedication, hardly missed any of them. I did wake up early and finished the task I gave to myself. During the tennis sessions, I pushed myself to complete the session even though I was tired and exhausted. Perseverance and commitment towards the sport was very important by maintaining a schedule thoroughly. It was difficult to manage time with school timings, school work, assignments and other work. So commitment helped me a lot to improve my skills and achieve a goal.  

These early sessions have helped me a lot to improve my fitness, stamina and tennis skills. This helped me a lot in my tennis tournaments and building up speed and my jump while serving helped me to play several tournaments in a better way. Additionally, playing early in the morning is good for health and doing this has really helped me to improve my overall health.

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