Playing basketball tournament- CAS

During this lockdown there was a small basketball tournament organized on 3 january 2021 at bhagwan mahavir college basketball court. Basketball is one of the best sports which I have come across.I love playing Basketball and I have been playing basketball for more than 4 years. I work upon my health, my controlling skills, and team coordination. Basketball is a team game In which there are 2 teams of 11 players each where 5 players play at a time from each team and the purpose of the players are to score baskets.Playing basketball also makes me feel very happy.

The LO which I  demonstrated LO1, LO2, LO4, LO5 and LO7

LO1-  During the tournament I realised that my strengths are that I am having good controlling skills and have a good shooting form the free shot line . The weakness which I could analyse is that I have weak defense skills, even my team coordination is not that good and the other weakness which I could analyse is that I do not have a long range shooting  skills  (I was not able to score 3 pointers).

LO2- There were many challenges that my teammates and I faced during the tournament are that.The skill that I developed was handling the ball. In the beginning of the first game I was not able to handle the ball properly due to the cold weather It became very hard for me to handle the ball however as time surpassed I got more grip on the ball and was able to play a lot better after the first match.

LO4 – As i am the main controller of our team I had to practice daily for hours and also work harder every time. During practice , I got a lot of injuries. But no matter what, I showed perseverance and came back stronger every time. There were times where I was not able to cope up with my teammate’s stamina. But because of hard work and consistent practice, I was able to play with the team properly and develop my fitness.

LO5- Basketball being of the team sport. It is essential to develop Team building skills as we have to work together.A player alone cannot do anything, he requires the help of a team. One of the LPs which I developed was communication skills. We also used to give feedback on each other’s performance and help each other by telling them the area of improvement which was one of the reasons for our team success.

LO7 – While playing the tournament, In the semi-finals there was a point in the game where while taking a rebound my right foot slightly touched the sideline. The opponent players made an appeal that I crossed the line but due to the intensity of the game the referee did not see the line cut. It would have been unethical on my part to agree with the referee . So I willingly informed the referee that my foot touched the sideline.

Through this CAS Activity not only did I get better at playing the sport I admire but also developed many skills that are required in living a successful life. I also developed my Character through this process and learned many things about myself and what my capabilities are.

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