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Taekwondo is Korean martial art. The taekwondo word came from Korea which means “tae” is the art of kicking and “Kwondo” is the art of punching. Taekwondo has been recognized by the Olympic community and is an Olympic sport. Taekwondo is not only kicking and punching, it is the development of your mind, body, and soul. I have been playing taekwondo for the last 5 years. I have won many championships in taekwondo. For me, personal taekwondo has been like a meditation. We daily train for 3 hours a day for 6 days a week. Taekwondo as a Sports have always helped me have a healthy and fit lifestyle. It  helps me to train my mind for different situations and also helps me to develop patience.

The LO which I demonstrated LO1, LO2, LO4, LO5, LO6, and LO7

LO1- while doing taekwondo training there are strengths and weaknesses which I am able to recognize. The strength which I am able to recognize is that I have a good game composition, I have a good amount of speed in my kick/movement and the other strength which I am able to analyze is that I have good cover/blocks. On the other hand, the weaknesses which I was able to identify are that I don’t have good flexibility, I am not able to kick from my right leg properly and the other weakness which I could analyze is that I have problems playing with tall players.

LO2- The challenges that I face during taekwondo training is that I don’t have good stamina and leg control so it is very hard for me to compete and train with my teammates. The other challenge which I face is that I get a lot of injuries during training like back injury, ankle injury, and a lot of other injuries. The thing which I developed while facing these challenges is the “NEVER GIVING ATTITUDE”. The injuries which I faced developed that never giving attitude as no matter what type of injury I have/had I always went on training continuously.

LO4-I practice for 2 hours everyday except Sunday and I have been doing this for 5 years. It is hard for me to manage time with studies as I am in 11th but for improving my skills it is necessary. So for managing the studies I wake up early in the morning and study the things which I miss dueto the training.

LO5- I know taekwondo is an individual game but without a team, no one can achieve anything. During the training, we help each other to wear the taekwondo guard. The best benefit which I get while doing training with the team is that we motivate each other every single minute of the training which helps us to maintain the intensity of the training and which allows us to overcome our limits. 

LO6 -There are many people around the globe who are not fit and they do not give attention to fitness at all. fitness has been very important in building up personality as well as in being successful. By knowing this issue which a lot of people face I always keep my body fit by doing taekwondo training 6 days a week. 

LO7- While doing the training I always took care of the ethics and followed the rules of taekwondo. The other thing which I do while doing the training is that I always wore taekwondo guards to prevent injuries to me and my training partner. 


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