Entrepreneur’s Deck – CAS

At the start of the year we had to select subjects that we will study in Grade 11 & 12 and one of my subjects was business management. In Business Management, there was a topic which was entrepreneurship and I got very interested in it and wanted to learn more about it and so I got an perfect opportunity to learn more about it which was entrepreneur’s deck, entrepreneur’s deck is basically a class where there are 11 modules and you can select how many modules you want to attend and there was a different guest speaker in every module, so I took 2 modules which were “Technology and Innovation” and “Business 101” and these two modules helped me a lot in getting to know more about entrepreneurship. 

LO1: Identify own strengths and develop areas growth

  • Through this experience I got to know that one of my strengths is that my problem solving skills are good as in one of the modules, we were given a situation about a company x and what the company should do and so on and so here we had to critically think and give a solution. Although I also realised that my one of the biggest weakness was that, I was not very confident to speak in the discussion and the sessions were all on discussion and group tasks and because of which I didn’t gave much points in the first module but in the second module I tried to be confident which helped me in giving more point in the discussion.

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

  • My biggest challenge was lack of confidence, we are allowed to ask questions to the presenter and there were also questions asked by the presenters to us but because of lack of confidence, I didn’t speak in any of them. And so I thought about it and came up with an idea which was to give myself a pep talk before the 2nd session which actually made me feel confident. What I said myself was, Archit why are you getting nervous to ask a question, it’s ok to be stupid in front of people but at least it clear your doubts and you are thinking of the people whom you have never met and so don’t feel nervous and be confident. And my 2nd session went pretty well, I asked few questions and gave some answers.

LO4: Show commitment to and perseverance

  • There were some times when I lost focus in these sessions because sometimes, I was getting bored and as the sessions were long, I was not able to focus after a period of time. But then I thought of why did I enroll, is because I wanted to learn about it and go more in-depth about a topic that helped me in being committed to focusing on the presentation and also taking notes.

LO5: Recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

  • In both the sessions that I attended, there were group activities where we need to show collaboration. Through these group activities, I got to know that there are many benefits of working in a group. Like you get a good amount of different opinions about the same thing and the work that needs to be done gets easier and faster as you can divide it and do it. But the main thing I learned while doing group projects were, that groups are of no use if you don’t show collaboration as without collaboration the work will not be organized which will, in turn, lead to more work.

Overall, it was an amazing experience as I got to know more about entrepreneurship. I was open-minded as I heard and discussed things in the session and I was an inquirer throughout the sessions as I asked questions.

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