Doing Exercise – CAS

Before Covid – 19 pandemic, I used do many physical activities like playing basketball and going to tennis class which made me active and made me do exercise regularly but because of covid – 19 lockdown, I was not able to continue with my physical activities and which lead to making me lazy and not doing exercise at all. I was like, I will start doing exercise from tomorrow and that tomorrow never came and then I thoiught of taking one of the CAS experience as doing exercise.

In this CAS experience, I used the app Nike Training Club to make an exercise plan for me. My plan was of 4 weeks. In a week, I had to do exercise 4 days and the rest 3 days were rest. For example, on Monday, there is an exercise and so next exercise day will be on Wednesday and day after tomorrow. Every day exercise consisted of lots of different exercises.

LO1 : Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

  • As, when we see the workout on an app, so we don’t get a perfect idea of how to position our body or how to do the workout properly. But because I went to classes and so it became easy for me to do most of the workouts properly. Because of not doing workouts or exercise for a very long time, my body became stiff because of which it became harder for me to do a workout.

LO2 : Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

  • Doing Exercise was a very difficult task for me to do as in the lockdown, I have become a person who is not into physical activities and is very lazy and so it was a big target for me to achieve. The only way to overcome this challenge was to stay focused and not even miss one day of exercise as it would disrupt my progress. And so I stayed focus and at the end, I was able to achieve my goal. Because of taking this challenge, my confidence has been increased.

LO4 : Show commitment and preserverance

  • As I previously told that my workout plan was of 4 weeks and so the biggest challenge I faced was that for around two weeks, my body stiffness was not going away which made me felt demotivated as because my body was stiff, I was not able to do some workouts. I also had to wake up early just to do workout. Showing commitment to Workout plan was also a big challenge because I am lazy but at last, I stayed focus and showed commitment and perseverance. Because I stayed focus, and around 3rd week, I was able to feel, that my body was slowly becoming flexible.

Through this CAS experience, the learner profile and skills I have developed are Time management skills and focus. After doing the experience, I have understood the value of both skills. I have started to get better in these 2 skills which really helped in completing the task. And it has not only helped me in my task but also in my daily life.


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