Beach clean-up :-CAS

We few students of grade 11 went on cleaning the Dumas beach for 3 mornings on the weekends. The main purpose of going to the beach was to do a social activity of cleaning the leftovers/plastic bottles as well as enjoying the cleanup. We came up with this idea because every time we went on a beach we always used to see litter and dirt all around the beach.  

The LO which I demonstrated are LO2, LO3, LO5, LO6, and LO7.

LO2:- There were a lot of challenges that me and my friends faced during the cleanup, a few of them are because of the very windy and scorching heat environment. It made our task way more difficult. The other challenge which I faced was as there were some leftover foods and alcohol bottles that were really smelling bad and so while I was picking it up it felt very clumsy. The skill which I developed while this process was leadership skills as in the starting there were very few people joining the clean up so I reached out to more people whom I could and used my persuasive language and persuaded them to join the cleanup.

LO3:-Due to the covid19 pandemic it was difficult for us to do the clean up with the right direction of how to clean and where to keep the junk. So we reached out to our seniors in the school who already did the clean-up last year. They helped us and guided us about the whole process. I also conveniences a lot of people to join this clean up so that we could get the best out of the plan. We organized the whole plan and executed it making sure we are safe at the same time. 

LO5 – Working together during the clean up has been very helpful to us. Not only there were more helping hands but also support and unity which personally motivated me every single day. Due to having a good amount of people to help we decided and divided each other into the pair of 2 which allowed us to get more trash in less time. 

Working in a team we also developed an understanding where each one contributed equally and we all were leaders of our serving nature.

LO6 – In this busy world we have seen there has been a lot of land and water pollution in many countries which is not immediately going to affect the environment but is definitely going to affect the environment in the long term. So we thought that it is our responsibility to help nature and water. We decided to clean the waste on dumas beach, which will make at least some impact on the environment and help the fishes live longer.  

LO7- The ethical issue which was involved in this clean up was the Covid19 pandemic. As the beach is a public place it was very dangerous and we would be exposed to a lot of people at the beach. In the starting we were not going to go for the clean-up due to the situation and even our parents were concerned about our health. However, in the end, we came up with a solution by creating a covid guideline that would help us in assuring that we are safe.

This was a great experience in total. It was not just a clean-up for me but it made me feel that I have contributed very little to help the environment.


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