Care Club

Learning outcomes- 4,5,6 and 7.

The street dogs are a common sight in India, their life is miserable and always at risk. They are kicked and beaten wherever they go. They wander from house to house to get some crumbs of food and get very little to eat. Most of the population looks at stray dogs as a threat. Just a few unfortunate events of dog bites were enough to turn people against stray dogs and recognize them all viciously.

Through Social Media, I came across a newly formed organisation called CARE CLUB which was based in the city I live in . Immediately after, I volunteered and asked a few of my friends to join as well. The management of the organisation was quite well, all new volunteers were distributed in groups of 5, with a leader. The group were categorised with the area volunteers lived in so that it’s more feasible. The task was to feed dogs twice or thrice a week either individually or in groups. Everytime we decided upon new locations to cover as many un-fed dogs as possible.

After almost feeding regularly for a month or so, groups were divided into pairs so that different locations would be catered, personally this was more feasible. During the start, I was always excited and took out my time for feeding but soon it became difficult, watching the social media page with hungry and malnourished dogs became my motivation to stay committed to the organisation.

I met many new people as a volunteer to the Care Club organisation. Starting with the founders, to my group leaders ,and members. It was nice to have a common ground where everyone had their hand in for one single purpose of protecting helpless dogs. From the very beginning, everyone was quite welcoming and approachable so it was always easy to blend in. Everyone collaborated while feeding, everyone was open minded and was always ready for everything. We had to work as a team to cover more areas and feed as many dogs in the decided time, which made us an effective team with great communication.

The main purpose of Care Club was to address global issues like Hunger, Animal abuse and Protection. It is equally important to care for animals as it is for us humans. Many few people believe in feeding animals, and because the dog population in India is high many of them starve to death. Being aware of issues like these help me take action for it, even though I am playing a very small role for a high scaled global issue it feels important and helpful to the few I have helped.

In terms of ethical issues, yes it was to a point dangerous to feed stray dogs who are not well treated or have anger issues or are not vaccinated. However, living on the streets without food, water and shelter can lead to such behaviour which in no way should take our incentive to feed. I completely disagree with the concept of not approaching a dog due to a minimal risk, where clearly it’s the street dog who has been suffering.

To conclude, my journey as a volunteer with the Care Club organisation is well accomplished and would love to continue being a part of it despite my CAS requirement being completed. It made me feel proud of myself to be a part of something where everyday I can wake up and help someone in need.


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