taking part in the hindi immersion ( creativity ) for my CAS

Hindi is my mother tongue I would really like to contribute to it as much as i can, and when i learnt that there was going to be a session where we are going to plan fun activities in hindi, i just could not resist, it was all about planning fun and engrossing activities through google meet, we were divided in groups, and we used to have multiple meets where we used to decide who will do what? what more can we do ? how to do it ? and we are very pleased to say the event was successful.

We faced many difficulties organizing our works and meeting the deadlines, maybe due to lockdown we were very slothful, however we had to complete the work, we then decided to keep reminder meets every 3-4 days so that we can check up on the work done and give suggestions, I personally am a very disorganized person, always missing the deadline, but with the reminder meets, i was able to overcome the problem, I believe the planning part was more difficult than the initiating part as we were planning for weeks, and the event was only for an hour, and even we enjoyed during the presentations. It is very important to plan anything before executing so that we have a clear idea of what we are going to do and complete the task.

working with others is generally very easy for me, i can work better in groups, and produce more effective work, but in this activity we had many problems collaborating as we were collaborating online, our communication was a bit weak, we did not understand what to do, there were many times when we were confused about who is going to speak in what order, working collaboratively is really important, even in future we might have tasks that are to be performed in groups, and if we are unable to work collaboratively we will not be able to complete our tasks. The importance of teamwork in my team was very high, as we all found riddles to perform, as we decided who will speak what, and hence we were able to present properly in front of the audience.

i have learnt that no matter the circumstances we should plan and collaborate in order to excel at any work we do and that hindi is a very fun language if we show interest in the same.

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