CAS Experience (Cooking)

I have always been fascinated to try new food items either veg or non-veg. Food has always been very close to my heart, so this time I thought why not learn to cook (as a component of creativity , activity and also service) and explore ways to cook delicious dishes. My main goal to learn cooking was to become independent for my future. It will be very helpful for me whenever I will go out for further studies, I would be able to make my own food that too healthy. I will be learning dishes which are easy and fast too make and also some really complex dishes.

Learning outcome 1

My mom helped me out figure out some basic ingredients which are used in day to day cooking. It was very easy for me to identify the types of malasa and their uses but the problem which I faced was the perfect amount to make the dish taste perfect. It was hard for me to decide what amount of masala, sauce, salt will be required to make the dish tasty. But then as I spent more time in the kitchen and started exploring various vessels and ingredients, I was able to cook pretty well.

Learning outcome 4

I felt cooking isn’t as easy it looks. Kitchen is where all the magic happens but for magic, the person who cooks has to go through a lot of heat around. It felt very exhausting after being in kitchen for more than 30 mins (approx) because of the hot surrounding. This made me try various environments of cooking from making rotis, to making pancakes and also some milkshakes and desserts. This gave me an overall experience different types of cooking styles.

Learning outcome 5

Regarding the IB learner profile, cooking as an experience has helped me become a good communicator; as lots of talking is required. I felt working collaboratively teaches us many things like patience and trust. Working collaboratively gives us various creative ideas and ways to perform a task in an uncommon way. Like when my mom was teaching me to make perfect round rotis, I gave her the idea of using a bowl to cut out the shape of roti to save more time and energy.

Learning outcome 6

One of the major issues of our day would be waste management. Humans have created a variety of waste, one of which is food waste. Millions of people lack access to food, and as a result, they suffer from a various diseases. To reduce the quantity of waste created, the 3Rs must be followed. The 3Rs are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. In order to manage this, we used the waste as a mixture and with some process my mom turned the waste into usables(manure). This technique helps to manage the wasted food and use it as a manure for plants.

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