Project 1 : Cycling (Creativity,Activity,Service) L6,L2

LO2 What was so challenging?

At the beginning it was very hard to cycle for long distances and the cycling would tire me out fast. In my city temperatures are too high in the evening leaving it irrational to cycle in the evening and morning due to school. I was forced to cycle after sunset which is peak traffic hour this made cycling difficult as the times I had to brake more this thus increased thus lowering the speed of my cycling as well as contributing to the energy loss.

Due to the lockdown globally people are unfit and stressed out by cycling they can reduce the stress levels and also get fit again. By cycling one can also reduce carbon emissions which is one of the SDG goals.

LO6 What were the issues? 

By formalising my cycle routine I have made my cycle routine much more regular before I used to have an undisciplined schedule however formalizing led me to be more disciplined and more regular with cycling. My distance before taking this opportunity was 20-25 km per week currently it is 50 km per week and an average of 8 kilometers a day.

As a result of this activity my work ethic and discipline has improved significantly and my cycling distance also has improved. Cycling made me more fit by helping me develop my leg muscles and increasing my stamina which was diminished due to the lockdown, By pursuing this activity i learned the importance and effectiveness of discipline. I believe that the project was a complete success but if I were to change one thing it would be the distance which I would increase.

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