CAS experience 4

Creativity- Learning Digital art on Procreate

I always wanted to know and learn how digital artworks are done, and because I have the tools (ipad, and apple pencil), I decided to take this CAS experience as an opportunity to learn how to make cartoon portraits on Procreate- as that would be easy for me to start with. I decided to learn different techniques of drawing and coloring on Procreate through Skillshare/Youtube, and in the end make 1 or 2 portraits. Being an artist already, I do have skills in art, so I didn’t think digital art would be that tough for me, and it wasn’t. 

The learning outcomes I focused on were LO1, LO2, & LO4.

LO1- Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I did not imagine that I would be able to make such a good portrait, the results turned out to be amazing! I learnt a lot of different strokes, how to shade, how to work on different layers at same time, how to highlight, and many more things. This experience made me have an interest in Graphics and graphic design. Also I am going to continue to work on my skills on Procreate, try new angles of face, body figures, landscapes and many things. One thing that I was not able to perform correctly was shading on the shadows, but I will learn it in depth further, as that is something that comes with practice.

LO2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

I had to erase many strokes, and try again and again to get the perfect angle. Digital art is not that easy from a physical. It was a difference for me from working on papers to working on an ipad. Estimating proportions was difficult, but the videos guided me along how to use shapes and lines to get them right. Sometimes there were instances where I erased many things at once, and I had to work again. The app Procreate has a lot of features which were hard to get used to with. I had to google every time to search where I would find things. But it was not that hard, the tutorials were pretty good, and I did complete 2 whole portraits!

LO4- Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

It took me 2-3 months to complete one portrait. Working a long time on ipad was difficult, so I could make time for only 20 mins max in a day, and plus I had to manage my studies, and other stuff. Staying committed to completing the portrait was not easy but the result was totally worth it, which made me motivated. Not just completing 1, but I made myself make 2 portraits. It took a long time, hard commitment, and a lot of effort, but it did make me learn a lot of new things and it was fun all along.

The learner profile attributes that I showed in the experience were firstly, Inquirer & knowledgeable- I was very interested in learning digital art making me an inquirer, and slowly and gradually following the tutorial videos, I gained a lot of knowledge and skills on how to draw and color. Secondly, risk-taker- I had tried a lot of different mediums, but only on paper, never I thought I would perform art online as well. This certainly made me a risk-taker, and it turned out to be great. And lastly Reflective- reflecting on my mistakes, wrong strokes and lines made me a better artist everyday. The results because of my constant attempt to improve my mistakes and reflect on my weak points, turned out to be so great! I could relate this experience to my Visual art classes in AS at school, where my sir constantly made me practice my weak points like blending light and dark colors together. His technique actually helped me in this experience.

To conclude, this experience was a total success, and I am so proud of myself to draw something so good. I did not think that I could have made something like this, but this experience taught me that we can achieve anything if we really want to and try hard. One of the portraits I made was of my mom, and I gifted her that as a birthday present, and she loved it a lot. One thing that I would change in this experience is that I would try to draw different things, like human figures, of landscapes, or still life. Because of this experience I got interested in Graphic design, and who knows maybe in the future I might actually become a graphic designer. The skills that I learnt would definitely help me further in future, as art is very similar in different mediums, so the strokes and movements I learnt here would help me in my physical art and painting. This experience was very fun and informative.


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