CAS -: Service and Activity


I am a type of Person that likes being around Nature rather than a Busy city life and I wanted to do something from my side for this planet to control Global Warming because If I can’t do anything then I should not expect anyone else to do anything for this cause or this planet. So Planned on planting around 40 to 50 trees by my own. With me doing the hole or spacing for the plant to planting it and then adding natural fertilizers.


While starting the plantation I came to know my weakness and my weakness is that I didn’t have any background knowledge or Prior Knowledge about Plants and Plantation . I could have done anything wrong without knowing about what I am doing. I did work a lot on my weakness. I went to farms daily and sat there and learnt about the things from my closed ones. Before plantation I saw the things I’ll have to work with and how I am going to work and many other things too. After all this I was very confident because I had only one Identified weakness and now I have worked upon that too. I think that knowing my weakness helped me a lot because I was able to work on it and overcome it. 


I had literally no prior knowledge about planting and it was a challenge for me. I always just saw when the gardener came to our house and took care of our plants. I just watered the plants at my house. I never worked with them. To overcome the challenges I am facing I took some primary advice from my dad, my grandfather and his brother as they still take care of our farms and know everything about plantation and management. I also used youtube as a secondary source of research and came to know about many things. .I can say that Planting is not an easy job. It was very exhausting for me to do that and It took me around 15 to 17 day to plant it and then regularly water it and take care of it. Doing Plantation helped me enhance my Research skills because I wanted to plant trees that give us an environment something also I had research about the spacing it’s ideal to give around 2 to 3 feet spacing in plants without fruit and around 10 to 15 feet for plants with fruit so for all this I had to do a lot of research, rather it be Primary or Secondary research. 


The world was in lockdown while I was planning for the Panatation and during the Lockdown stage I had to do Online classes. I had to take French classes and many other things. So I had to plan a time where I’ll be free enough to go and work with my plantation. I made a timetable and gave the plantation an hour in the afternoon because It’s the best time for plantation because we don’t water our plants in evening. During Lockdown I had a schedule and I was a very organized person because I had time to do things and I knew that I’ll pile up a lot of things to do in DP. In my case the planning was difficult because I started with thinking about the Places where I can plant because while doing this Activity I was in my hometown and thought it was the best opportunity to do this because I don’t know a lot of people who can take care of Plant rather I have a farming family background and we have lands on which we grow Crops and I thought that I can Plant my trees near them because there’s always a person working on farm and he or she can take care of the plants. Then I thought about the plants that will give the person taking care of them something so I planted around 20 of Fruit plants and 80 of others. It’ll be easier for me next time to plan something because now I know the tips and tricks to do that quickly. Also I am glad that I planned and Initiated about it or else I would’ve done things like  others where they plant trees away from then and then they can’t take care of it. 


Plantation requires commitment and I can say this because I gave them and I saw results. Even if it took me around 18 days to plant it all I’ll have to be committed with them for around 5 to 6 months. I’ll have to be committed to giving my plants water daily or every other day, taking care of them as they are not fully grown and they can be finished by some insects or birds. I’ll have to be committed for them to give them natural fertilizer once every week mixed with some other things. It was easy for me to commit because I planned everything that way I went to my farm everyday to just see them and take care of them. Even after I am back in surat I call my grandfather’s brother every week and ask him about the progress and if he told anyone to water it. I tell him to send me the photos and everything. I think me being so much committed towards the plants helped me as they have showing significant growth now. 


With Plantation I can Improve the Air Quality with it’s the Crop Burning season and I also count it as a small initiative for reducing Global Warming. I know that it’s not very much during this stage of Plantation but after a Year or so they’ll be more than helpful and I count if Everyone will plant 1/10 of my plants too then we can plant 78 Billion plants and they’ll be more than enough to make this world a better place. 


I think that I made the right decision to do Plantation during Lockdown because I was free and was able to take full care of them and also the CO2 levels are only rising above and above. Also It was the crop burning phase in just a month and my plantation I think could be more helpful than nothing. 

Final Takeaways -:

After doing this CAS experience I learned a lot of things like how to Plant and how to take care of plants and I learnt about the main things to keep in mind while doing plantations because if you really have to do good plantations you’ll have to learn some important things about it with all this I also enhanced my knowledge of Plants. While doing this Cas experience I think that my communication skills and research skills were most at work and because of that they were enhanced too. 

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