Learning and playing Frisbee – Activity

I have been playing ultimate frisbee from the last year and I ma enjoying it. It has become a routine playing it and also I have joined a group where we all get together and play Ultimate Frisbee on weekends and also go for tournaments. Playing sports gives me a sense of relief as I become very free when I play it.

LO1: I have learnt various skills such as handling, defending throughout the past year. I am a good dipper but handling was always difficult for me. In the learning sessions that I have participated in, I asked my fellow mates where ad how to improve. However, it was not easy at the start. I was always scared about making mistakes but with practicing the sport, I was easily able to cope up with it.

LO2: In the practice there is no fixed team and the team changes in every practice therefore it was hard but essential for me to create bonds with my new teammates. However, I created a good bond with each player and it also thought me a good sense of teamwork.

LO4: I feel that I am very committed to the sport and always ready for the sport. Day by Day that the practice is making me better at the sport and it is helping me staying fit both mentally and physically.

LO5: Team work is always beneficial in life and Ultimate Frisbee is a sport where I practice a good quality teamwork. I develop good bonds with people as we play in new teams every time and this helps me in coping up with my teamwork attribute.

LO7: As there are two teams in the sport a little bit of thrust takes place between the two teams. i become angry sometimes when playing but after the game I apologize the player for the same


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