CAS Experience Reflection 1:- Cooking

My Cas experience was to learn cooking as cooking is a important part of our life and also a major survival skill so i learned cooking and also wanted to do something good for our society so i learned and created 4-5 dishes in quantity and donated them to poor people who can’t afford to eat 3 meals a day so i donated food during lunch time as most of them skip lunch and lunch is also important. I created dishes from 1st march to 5th march and made lunch only and donated them to poor people who sits near temple which is also close to my house so that i could give them hot food.

Learning Outcomes:-

Lo1:-Identify their own strengths and areas of growth

I learned cooking for 5 days and learned to make different dishes and during this time i learned about my strengths that i am very patient that i was following every procedure and giving the time it takes to cook it properly as i always want to do things perfectly as possible so i had the patience it takes to cook by my area of growth was that while making food i made the whole kitchen messy as i was not good at cleaning i was always focusing on the food but i didn’t gave importance to cleaning and when i finished. Now that i am aware of it i will make sure i will also focus on making less mess and focus more on cleanliness. I will work on this weakness whenever in future i will cook any dish i will make sure to keep my surroundings clean this will benefit me as it would reduce the work and also also increase hygiene.

LO2:-Demonstrate the challenges have been undertake, developing new skills in the process.

I started this experience as a challenge only as i knew i was always good at eating but i wanted to learn cooking so that i could make different things to eat for myself and people near me. I faced multiple challenges like managing, patience and safety. As cooking needs patience which i had which resulted in making a good dish, managing as i had to multi task and which was a difficulty and safety was the most important as cooking might get dangerous which is why i took all precautions. i have never cooked before which is why it was difficult to learn.I overcome all the challenges my managing more efficiently like when i was finished cutting vegetables then i first threw the waste and then i continued with next step. I didn’t overcome with cleanliness i reduced the mess but not completely. I have undertaken management challenge as i managed cooking efficiently as i did all steps in order and cooked the food properly. it is important to undertake new challenges as it makes life more interesting and we learn from this challenges and learn new things which is why it is important to take new challenges in life.

LO3:- Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

i organized the schedule about what will i cook on what day and how will i donate the food i made schedule about timing i will start cooking and by what time i will finish by time i will pack and deliver the food and donate it to some people. i am not a organized person usually. Initiating was more difficult then planning as i was easy to plan that i will cook at this time and deliver at this but when i start cooking it gets delayed as sometime dish takes more time than expected to cook and sometimes i didn’t find the tiffin to pack the food because of this reason initiating is more difficult then planning. Time management was the skill i learned as i had to manage my time to cook and deliver the food before lunch time because they go to sleep after lunchtime which is why i had to reach there before they go. I think planning would be easier in the future as i will know to research about timing and plan accordingly. It is very important to know how to plan and initiate anything because when we plan we get the idea about how to initiate the idea and makes our half the work easier as we researched about how to do it.

LO4:-Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS Experience.

Commitment and perseverance was one of the most important part of this experience as i am a little bit lazy so i had to be committed and keep my interest in cooking. Cooking takes a lot of time and the most important thing is commitment and donating food to poor people made me more committed and this made me feel good that i am doing something good and also make me more committed knowing that if i don’t cook some people will be left hungry. Showing commitment and perseverance is very important as this improves the quality of work we do as if we do our task without commitment we won’t put much mind into it and will harm our work.

LO5:- Demonstrate the skills and Recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

Working with others is generally easy for me because i can cooperate and coordinate with others easily which makes work easier for all. In Cooking working collaboratively is more convenient and easy as cooking needs a lot of work and dividing it and cooking makes the work very easy. Teamwork made our work easier as one cuts vegetable and one cooks make the work fast and less messy.

LO6:-Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

The issue of global significance was hunger as we all know hunger is one of the key issue in our time many people die due to hunger and with this project i tried to donate food up to my capability. After knowing that i would help people by donating food it made me more excited that i would contribute something to the society and this also kept me motivated to keep making food and donating.

LO7:- Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Ethical issues involved in this activity was that i had limited quantity of food which i had to donate which is why i had to made decision about who to donate the food and who not to so that i came up with a solution of first come first serve basis.The ethical issue hitted me directly as if i didn’t donate someone based on some prejudice then this would hurt me in the future when i would reflect on what i did and i would feel bad about this which is why ethics is very important in this activity. now i have changed and became more unbiased as i made a personal policy about if i help someone i won’t discriminate them according to their color, gender, caste, etc and if possible i would do first come first serve basis as it is the best way to do anything as it is unbiased and convenient.

In conclusion i learned cooking in this CAS experience and donated the made food to the poor people. In this experience i achieved CAS components and Lo1,2,3,4,5,6,7 were also achieved.


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