CAS Experience Reflection 2:- Beach Cleaning

In this CAS experience me and some of my friends went to dumas beach in surat in the morning for 1 weekend and stayed there 2-3 hours both days and cleaned 3-4 big bags per person and also asked people to stop throwing garbage here and there instead throw it in the dustbin and also aware them about the pollution happening and they should also contribute by starting at an individual level by being a responsible citizen and stop throwing garbage here and there and some people understood us and also picked up their trash and threw it in the dustbin which made our work easier and also people learned a lesson.

Learning Outcomes:-

LO1:-Identify their own strengths and areas of growth.

I identified a strength during this experience that i had the strength to coordinate with multiple people and did work like communication skills, management skills,etc and this helped in getting the work done easier and faster.After identifying this strength i was kind of happy and also understood that this strength could be helpful at multiple places and would help me a lot in the future that i have now identified it. Weakness i spotted was that i got tired very fast like after filling 1 and a half bag only which tells me that my stamina has weakened due to lockdown and now i have work hard on it and increase my stamina again. Knowing our strengths and weakness is very important so that we can come up with a plan how to best utilize our strengths and how to overcome our weaknesses. I will surely work on my weakness and increase my stamina and if my stamina was good i had filled at least 5-6 bags in 3 hours but i was unable to fill it which is a loss for me and the environment.

LO3:- Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

i organized how me and my friends will travel to the beach, i organized the schedule of what time will be there on what date will be and by what time. All this was organized by me and i informed everyone about all the details of the experience and asked them to reach on time. I am sometimes organized according to the activity as in if the activity is important or interesting i am willing to contribute as much as i could and if i don’t like or not interesting i am pretty lazy then and my work therefore gets affected. The most difficult thing was planning as i had to match the schedule of my friends and me so that everyone can be present and do the most we could to conserve our nature. I learned management skills during this activity as i had to manage all the details of the activity which we would do after gettign there and how so that is why i learned management skills during this cas experience this will also help me in future in plannig any activity as i would have experience and knowledge more than before and also i learned to manage people which is also a major lesson. as we know planning and initiating is the most important thing in life because whatever we do like carrer or social life we plan many things which is very important as good planning makes initiating easier.

LO4:-Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS Experience.

This activity essentially needed commitment and perseverance as doing beach cleaning is very infact extremely tiring and as on the first day me and my friends got very tired and almost cancelled the next day but we were committed to complete our task that is what motivated us and therefore we went there again and finished what we started and returned with full satisfaction that we did something good. it is very difficult in my opinion for anyone to be committed and persistent in daily life as i am not that committed and persistent in my daily life because it is very difficult as if you commit to something you have to spend a lot of time on it to complete the task which in my case not possible as i have to do multiple tasks in my daily life which is why i cannot take out time easily for any task. Being committed and persistent is very good and important task as if you are committed and persistent then every task and every chore you do will be very good and nicely done and help you as an individual and a group to grow in life.

LO5:- Demonstrate the skills and Recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

Working with others is generally easy for me because i can cooperate and coordinate with others easily which makes work easier for all. In this activity working collaboratively was more easier as in this activity the main task was to coordinate with everyone and come up with same time as everyone had a different schedule so after that cleaning the beach was not a big task as we were 4 people and we all divided the area and cleaned as much we could and disposed all the waste in the dustbin near the beach so in this activity working collaboratively made the work even easier as everyone cleaned and did the work in less time and less energy that is why working collaboratively was easy in this activity. I had a difficult job coordinating with everyone and reaching the point at same time and do the work more easily. It is very important to work collaboratively as in life without help of others or without getting the job done from others we can’t move forward in life as we always has some or the other thing which we can’t do alone or with help can be done easier and faster. The importance of leadership and teamwork was important in this activity as we had to coordinate and divide the area and clear the space as fast and easily we could which is why leadership and teamwork is important in the activity.

LO6:-Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

The issue of global significance were multiple like Clean water and sanitation, Life below water and life on land were the issues tackled on a very very small scale. This issues are globally very important as due to man made changes in the environment the earth is getting damaged and every human should contribute to decrease this damage on there level. by tackling this issues a had a personal growth as i was able to see how messy are beaches so from now on i would make sure whenever i go anywhere i will dispose garbage properly and advice everyone near me to do same. I am really satisfied after knowing about this issues at a personal level this will help me in the future too.

In conclusion in this CAS Experience me and my friends went to the beach cleaned it and aware people about cleanliness for 1 weekend. In this activity i achieved A&S components and LO 1,3,4,5,6 were also achieved.


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