CAS Experience Reflection 3:- Gym

In this Cas Experience started going to gym in my building. So in my apartment we have a fully equipped gym and due to COVID 19 it was shut down but after regular start of the gym i decided to start going to the gym for at least 1 month without missing any day. So i went regularly to the gym mostly during evening but sometimes i went in the morning or the night if i had some work in the evening. I wanted to maintain my health and be fit but i am a bit lazy so i took this experience as my cas which gave me motivation and pushed me to go to the gym regularly and become fit.

Lo1:-Identify their own strengths and areas of growth

I identified my strength and weakness during this cas experience my strength were my stability, strength and endurance and my weakness was my stamina and flexibility. After knowing my strengths and weaknesses i slowly increased my workout time and did all the activity which slowly over the period of 1 month increased and i can feel my stamina increased but my flexibility is has not improved yet. It is very important to know our strengths and weaknesses so that we can evaluate in which area we could excel in and do our work accordingly which will also impact our work. I worked in improving in one of my weakness which is less stamina which i gradually overcome and improved my stamina which i can feel in my day to day chores but one of my weakness which is flexibility is still weak and i think of improving it in the future.

LO2:-Demonstrate the challenges have been undertake, developing new skills in the process.

The experience i had in this activity i faced and learned from many challenges i had to start working out and my stamina was very low and still had to workout a lot but i never gave up and did as much i could and this for me was very challenging and i had done many things like playing sports and all which also included stamina but i stopped playing for almost a year mainly due to COVID 19. I overcome this challenge of stamina over the duration of my gym cycle and as i started going it actually started increasing my stamina and the results were visible to me and i am feeling the increasing stamina in my daily chores. I overcome this challenge not completely as we can’t measure stamina but we can feel it and according to me i have overtaken this challenge to the level i am satisfied with it. i feel happy about achieving my goal and it is very important to undertake new challenges as it helps us grow anf flourish in our life.

LO3:- Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

I organized the schedule for 1 month and maintaining that schedule until something important come up. i made a timetable to schedule myself to know at what time i have to do what. I am usually not a organized person but be be consistent i maintained the schedule and organized myself accordingly. The difficult job in this experience was initiating because starting gym is very difficult because during the 1st week i had a body ache and also felt lazy to go to the gym but i put myself together and daily went consistently to the gym. Surely planning and initiating something in the future will be more easier in the future as i now have more experience and stamina than before so initiating and planning would be much easy. It is very important to plan and initiate different things in life because it gives experience and brings different things to learn from and gives joy which is the most important thing.

LO4:-Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS Experience.

The activity needed the most commitment and perseverance as i had to go to the gym regularly at the given time without dropping a single day which needed commitment and perseverance to do as it is a physical activity in which you have to give your most. Self commitment was required to complete this cas experience. It is not easy for anyone to commit and be persist to do anything as everyone has multiple chores in day to day life and if we commit to some thing taking time out of your schedule gets difficult and also takes up a lot of energy.

In conclusion i started gym and completed in 1 month without missing any day and i achieved A of cas components and LO 1,2,3&4 were achieved during the cas experience.


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