CAS Reflection 4:- Cycling

In this Cas Experience i started going for cycling for 1 week. So I haven’t cycled for 6-7 years like when i was 8–9 that was the last time i cycled after that i stopped cycling that was the reason for starting cycling again as i forgot how to cycle my friends helped me ride for the first time but after riding for around 1 km i got used to it and i got used to how to cycle and continued cycling for 7-8 km daily which was a big thing for me as i forgot how to cycle and i was a beginner and i got tired in 7-8 km only. By this experience i had my childhood memories back and also learned something new and it interested me and also it was good for my health.

Lo1:-Identify their own strengths and areas of growth

I identified many strength and weakness during this cas experience like my strengths were strength and my weakness were many as i was new and faced many challenges to learn so my weakness were balance, stamina and endurance. After knowing my strengths and weaknesses i feel like motivated that i will improve and make my weakness my strength. It is very important to know our weakness so that i can improve my weakness and it is important to know our strength so that we could use our strength in our advantage. I will try to improve in my weakness in the near future.

LO2:-Demonstrate the challenges have been undertake, developing new skills in the process.

In this cas experience i faced many challenges like i was getting tired very fast and i was a little afraid of cycling on road because of traffic and also of barricades on the cycling lane at every 100-150 metres due to partition on the road. Due to this reasons my cycling average speed came low as approx. 4km/h. it was challenging because at some points barricades were very small due to which we had to pick the cycle and cross the barricade and then continue the ride due to which we got tired very fast. I have played physical sports a lot in school in the past which is somewhat similar to this as it also needs stamina stability and everything. I wasn’t able to overcome this challenge as barricades in the cycling lane were disturbing the ride but i did increase my stamina somewhat because of this challenges. I feel good after my stamina increased. It is very important to take new challenges in life as it gives aim and joy to run to overcome the challenges of life.

LO3:- Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

I organized my schedule for 1 week as cycling took approx. 2 hours of the day and i had to take out time of my daily chores to make room for cycling and maintain going cycling daily for 1 week which organized my schedule. I am not a organized person but as i took this activity as cas experience it gave me dedication it needed for me to be organized and persistent. Initiating this activity was more difficult because we could only plan the route and timing but we can’t learn from planning in this activity and the most difficult and important learning was learning cycling which i did and this was the most important part of the experience. Planning and initiating would be more easier especially initiating as it increased my confidence and stamina by this activity so in future i will have more confidence, stamina and experience then before which will surely help me in the future. It is important to plan a and initiate activity as planning gives knowledge needed for the activity and initiating gives the real learning and experience.

LO4:-Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS Experience.

The activity needs a lot of commitment and perseverance because learning new needs fully self commitment. After starting cycling i had backache for 2 days still i daily went for cycling which was the hardest thing to do. Self commitment was required to complete this activity with success. I usually don’t commit to things but when i do i try to give my best and stay motivated and complete what i started. Commitment and perseverance is very important as if you want to success you have to achieve full commitment and be persistent.

In conclusion i started, learned and completed cycling in 1 week without missing any day and achieved A of the cas components and LO 1,2,3 &4 were achieved through this cas experience.


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