CAS Experience 1: Cooking

I choose cooking as an experience in cooking as I have interest in cooking and love to cook and wanted to learn how to cook new dishes. I knew some basics of cooking earlier but I wanted to try and make new dishes. I cooked twice or thrice in a week, which helped alot growing my cooking skills. Learning cooking was fun as I have an interest in cooking and cooking reduced my stress as well as I help my mother too.While cooking new dishes, I was successful most of the times but sometimes I wasn’t successful as I was novice in this field but still I had tried my best.

My parents , who were my supervisor , were with me all the time to help me whenever I needed but gradually I became more independent and started making new dishes on my own.

After I was good at making new dishes I decided to make new dishes and give it to the poor people as I have seen many people who don’t get food to eat and are straving for days, so I took an initiative to give food to poor people an tried to help needy people.

Learning Outcome 1 : Identify their own strengths and areas of growth.

I identified my weakness which was cooking as earlier I did not know how to cook food, it was not an easy task so I decided to learn cooking , which would help me in the future and make me more independent. Also after learning cooking I was confident in making new dishes on my own. I worked upon my weakness which was cooking and made cooking my strength and now I can cook anything easily een I don’t need help from others.

Learning Outcome 2 : Demonstrate the challenges have been undertake, developing new skills in the process

There were many challenges which I had faced while I was learning cooking because this was totally new field for me. The main challenge that I had faced was cutting vegetables and make rotis, because cutting vegetable in improper manner may hurt myself. I was not able to cut vegetables and to make round rotis was difficult task. Cutting vegetables was challenging as I did not know the proper manner how to cut vegetables but gradually I learnt it and the proper way to cut vegetables and after that I did not face any problems in cutting vegetables. Now I feel it vey easy to cut vegetables and I enjoy it. It was a new experience and I learned many new skills which and I felt proud of myself after overcoming the challenge. Further making round rotis was more challenging but working hard on it and gradually practising it, I will able to do it perfectly. It is important for me to undertake new challenges which will help me grow and learn new skills and help me in future. Also by undertaking new challenges it makes me more independent. I discovered many skills like putting the correct amount of spieces and I also learned when do we get to know that the food it cooked properly and is ready to eat. These skills would help me in future when I am alone at home, I could easily cook anything on my own. Learning new skills keeps our mind engaged and body active. Also it helps us to gain new experiences and trains our brain to handles a wide range of challenges.

Learning Outcome 3 : Demonstarate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

I organized myself by deciding the recipes I wanted to make and the ingredients I wanted to make the dishes. I am an organized person as keeping things organized helps me doing things easily. Planning was very easily as I had organized everything in properly but initiating was difficult as I did not know how to cook and how much amount of ingredients to put which was a diffcult task for me. Planning and initiating will help easier as if we learn a skill , we can use it in many ways and it can also help in future. It is important to know about how to plan and initiate activities as these skills can help us in future and help in doing things easily.

Learning Outcome 4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS Experience

Commitment and perseverance was one of the most important part of this experience as I am a bit lazy so I gave a commitment of cooking as it is my interest. Cooking takes a lot of time and efforts , the most important thing is commitment as donatiing food to poor people made me more commited for this experience and also this made me feel happy as I was doing something good. Also this experience made me commited as if I wouldn’t had cooked food then I knew many poor people would be hungry. Showing commitment and perseverance is very important as this improves the quality of work.

Learning Outcome 6 : Demonstrate engagemeent with issues of global significance

The issue was that there are many people who don’t get food to eat and are straving for food. This is a global issue as this is not only happening in my city but I have observed it in many other cities and coutries that hunger is one of the global issue as there are people who are not getting foood to eat. Another global issue is the need to learn basic skills like cooking in today’s generation. SInce I too this up and learnt this skill, it will help me in the future while I am away from home or whenever I am home alone. Cooking skill is a survival skill and we can’t always depend on others. Hence, it is beneficial for me looking at this perspective for the long term. I feel glad to be well aware and educated about this problem. Through my CAS I was able to solve this problem on my level.

This CAS experience was very interesting and I wanted to learn cooking as it could help me in future also now my cooking skills have improved and I can cook dishes on my own and now I have become independent.

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