CAS Experience 2 : Beach Clean

My friends and I had decided to go to Dumas beach on weekends and clean the beach. The main reason for going to the beach was to clean the leftover plastic packets and bottles. Also imformed people who were at the beach to stop throwing garbage here and there on the beach instead throwing it in the dustbin and also we told them about the pollution happening and they should also contribute how much they can as being a responsible citizen and stop throwing garbage here and there.

Learning Outcome 1 :

The strength I had identified during this experience that I was coordinating with others and the skills I acquired were communication skills and management skills through which the work was done easily and faster. After identifying my strength I was kind of happy and also understood that this strength could help me in future also. The weakness which I had spotted was my stamina as I got easily tired after cleaning some area of the beach, the reason for my weakness was due to lockdown as I was at home all the time but now I have worked hard and improved my stamina and made stamina as my strength.Knowing our strengths and weaknesses is very important so that we can schedule a plan and work on that and overcome our weaknesses.

Learning Outcome 3 : Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

My friends and I had organized the plan of the beach clean up and we had to take care due to COVID19 and we had gone to the beach with proper equipment like hand gloves , masks and boxes to keep the litter. we divided some areas where there was a lot of dirt and one of us went to each area and cleaned it. So we had planned everything before going there and initiating it was easy after we had organized everything.

Learning Outcome 4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS Experience.

This activity needed perseverance and commitment as doing beach cleaning is very tiring and after the first day , none of my friends including me wanted to go again to the beach but we had made a commitment which had motivated us and so we went to the beach again for cleaning and finished the task after completing the task we were proud of ourselves of doing something good. I personally believe that it is difficult for many people to be committed and persistent in daily life . I am also not committed and persistent in my daily life as I have multiple tasks to do and I have a very short time limit so I organize my time so that I can give equal time to each task. Being committed and persistent is good and keeps us motivated about a particular task and by this we are able to manage our time and grow in life.

Learning Outcome 5 : Demonstrate the skills and Recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

Cleaning the beach with my friends helped us get motivated a lot every single time we went there to clean the beach. Working collaborative was easier , my friends and I had a different schedule , so we planned accordingly when each of us was free and then went to clean the beach together. I can cooperate and coordinate with other easily which makes our work easier. We had divided some areas where there was a lot of dirt and one of us went to each area and cleaned it. Which made the task easier and we cleaned the beach easily. The difficulty I faced was coordinating with my friends to come to th beach on the same time as each of us had a different schedule. It is very important to work collboratively as if we work collaboratively then the work gets divided through which the work can be done in a lesser time and efficently. Working collaboratively can help us in future also as when we grow up we can divided things which makes the work more easier.The importance of leadership and teamwork was important n this activity as we had coordinate and work together to clean the beach , without teamwork we could not have cleaned the beach.

Learning Outcome 6 : Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

The issue of global significance were multiple like Clean water and sanitation, Life below water and life on land. These issues are globally very important due to teh human activites which has impacted the environment and the earth is getting damaged so each of us should do something to save our environment and earth. Also after seeing the beaches so dirty I have had decided that whenever I go somewhere I will dispose garbage at its proper place and tell others also to do the same.   

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