CAS experience 4 : GYM

Physical fitness is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle.  My main motive to join the gym is to stay healthy and fit. Hence, I decided to join a gym which would help me get better physically. As gym helps to gain huge health benefits. Along with getting fit, gymming helps us increase our energy levels, be challenged, feel motivated and to establish a healthy routine. Besides maintaining a healthy life, going to the gym also helps us build our social life through interacting with different people and making new friends.

Learning Outcome 1 : Identify their own strengths and areas of growth

Through the course of this activity, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. I was able to work out and even during the lockdown period, where gyms and all were closed, I tried to work out at home. In such a situation, where we were at home the whole day, I made sure to engage myself into some physical activities. There were online sessions I joined where they were training us to do workout from home.  According to me, knowing our strengths and weaknesses is very crucial as your strengths help us identify ourselves whereas the weaknesses hold us back in different areas where we have a capability to work upon it. By knowing our strengths and weaknesses we can know where we stand and work upon the area we lack in. I made sure to work on my weakness and am still doing it. The weakness cannot be overcomed at a go, it will take some time and I am sure one day my weakness will turn into my strength. 

Learning Outcome 2 : Demonstrate the challenges have been undertake, developing new skills in the process

The most challenging aspect for me was to get into the habit of going to the gym daily. Previously, I was going to the gym 1-2 days a week but going to the gym 3 times a week was a difficult task.More than physical strength, it required mental strength and determination.I motivated myself and I was successful in achieving my aim of going to the gym for 3 days a week. Now, I feel proud of myself as I was successful in taking up this challenge. It is necessary for each of us to be able to take up physical and mental challenges. Determination was one of the key aspects for my success.  

Learning Outcome 4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS Experience

Commitment was very much necessary to complete this activity.Commitment of being regular and not to give up was very important for me to achieve my aims and objectives. It’s not always easy to show commitment towards things but, gymming as a concept was crucial for my healthy well being that made me prioritize my routines again and persevere for the same.  While doing workout from home it was necessary for me to be motivated and show perseverance. Though it was sometimes difficult and I was too annoyed to workout since we couldn’t go out and were stranded at home. Sometimes it didn’t just feel like working out but I made sure to do some light exercises. Sometimes workouts helped me to lighten my mood and become active during the lockdown which was the laziest period and made people so lazy.

Learning Outcome 7 : Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

In the gym, as it was for my personal betterment and growth, it is important to be ethical towards my work to achieve my aim. As we share our equipment with others, I believe that it is very important to follow the gym rules and ethics at all times. To make sure we did that, I always reminded my friends to put their things back from where they took it and I ensured that I did the same. It was our responsibility to do the right thing and follow the right ethics. Following these things and showing dedication helped me to have a significant improvement in my fitness and also gave me more self-confidence.

This CAS experience, being my most challenging one, has helped me develop greater physical fitness and thereby, lots of confidence about my body and my game too. I am proud to have overcome my challenges and shown commitment and perseverance throughout my CAS experience. I believe I lead a healthier lifestyle now. 

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