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Lockdown created a perfect opportunity for me to explore and improve my culinary skills which are important to be developed for further studies after school when I will go out , these skills will be in use.  That’s where I felt I should start learning and making basic food dishes and some delicious desserts to kind of learn the ability to make a whole meal myself. Inorder to be prepared in case I have to make food for myself , for my family members or guests. And to improve my culinary skills my mother was present to provide guidance and help me learn to make good food and drinks.

Learning outcomes achieved 

LO1- Cooking is something which is not my cup to tea, and was indeed an area of growth for me . After this experience I can say that now I can sustain myself if I’m either alone at home or go outside in future for college. Identifying that I am even good at cleanliness , I cleared all the leftovers after making dishes and through this I identified  that keeping things and areas neat and clean are one of my advantages. 

LO2- Cooking was something very new for me and I feel it was a  very easy job, but then I learned that I will have to be alert at all times as my dishes got nearly burnt thrice. After this incident I gave the job full attention at all times to eradicate any chances of errors in making the dish.

LO3- Cooking being something new for me made it difficult for me to plan and initiate a CAS plan. This is where my mother was my supervisor and gave me the complete guidance of what to make , when to make , and how to make. She made me understand the process and I on my own made the dishes and completed the CAS experience.

LO4- Throughout the process I showed commitment towards my schedule of this CAS experience of cooking , so that I don’t break the schedule which I myself made. I made both good and bad dishes  , which has helped me understand the experience more better and now I can say that I can make quality dishes and drinks to some extent.

LO7- I made sure I didn’t waste any products ,still there was wastage like some chopped vegetables , small amounts of flour. And I even could have made dishes which depict a balanced diet , so that I can learn healthy cooking. But I failed in it , as the dishes I made were more towards the junk food side. Now I have learned the importance of these factors in cooking and I will keep this in mind the next time I do cooking so that I make the right ethical decisions.

This was a very challenging and impactful experience where it depicts the challenge I have undertaken by learning a new skill called cooking for my future survival. I had my own high’s and low’s during this activity , I learned many aspects of cooking and to some extent I have mastered the basics of cooking as practice makes a man perfect. I used my own creativity and made drinks with different fusions which helped me increase my creativity. The next time I cook I will make more healthier dishes for more benefit.

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