CAS – Cycling

Experience – Activity

Because of the lockdown , I could not go out which raised a concern of my health and fitness. And it was something I was very well determined to address as soon the lockdown gets over. And that’s where I decided to start cycling when the lockdown will get over as it’s one oft the best ways to stay fit. At the start I aimed to do cycling on a regular basis and keep a habit of cycling everyday and gradually increase the distance , particularly on weekends. It was a very good 2 months experience , I enjoyed it a lot. 

Learning outcomes 

  1. LO1- First I understood my strengths and weaknesses related to cycling , and tried to address them to complete my goal. I felt happy to be aware of my strengths and weaknesses because it helps you to focus on particular areas more where more time is required rather than using time for areas where you have some degree of experiste. I even worked upon my weaknesses like I couldn’t cycle for long distances as I feel tired. I overcame this weakness by first cycling 2-5 km during my initial days and then cycling became a normal habit for me. I increased the distance to 10-15km. This also helped me increase my endurance.
  1. LO2- During this course , the challenges I faced were at the start. As it was becoming difficult for me to push myself to go cycling as I had a set routine for myself during lockdown and to overcome this challenge I had to find a motive to go cycling . And that’s what I did , I kept a reward for myself after every cycling session and that was the thing that started pushing me to leave all other stuff and go for cycling. 
  1. LO3 – I planned a schedule for myself on what day I will do wh, at so that I fulfill and complete this CAS experience and don’t hamper my other daily activities. That’s where I decided that on Week days I will cycle for 7-12 kms and on Weekends I will cycle for 20-25 kms.
  1. LO4- My lifestyle after lockdown made it difficult for me to show commitment towards cycling. As I found it difficult to change my schedule and adjust to cycling , my physical condition after lockdown also started to make me tired soon while cycling , which affected my performance initially. But gradually I started to go towards my aim. Commitment is a very important factor when it comes to cycling , as it requires you to increase the distance and time of cycling so that you become more fit. Which required a daily habit of cycling so my body can be in a position to adjust to the increasing time and distance of cycling.Which means , perseverance and commitment are very valuable, 

            As they help people perform high-quality performance, and are also essential for learning        and research.

  1. LO6- The global issue towards which I showed engagement was “Good health and well being “ Because of lockdown I could focus on my health aspect , to work on  that I started cycling regularly which played a part in regaining my fitness back where it was. And maintain good health and well being. Because sustainable growth also means growth with good health.

Final Take away – 

I enjoyed cycling as an activity . I completed this activity with commitment and perseverance as cycling every day joy gave me immense joy and satisfaction. It helped me regain my fitness. I even showcased some learner profile attributes like :

  1. Risk-taker – By increasing the distance and time of cycling and pushing it more than my limit.
  2. Reflective- I reflected on my performance after every week and checked on the improvements I have made in cycling skills.
  3. Principled – I was principled in following the schedule I made for cycling and did not miss cycling a single day. And made it a regular habit for myself.

This activity has helped me gain immense knowledge on cycling and skills required for cycling. And also how cycling can help an individual remain healthy and fit. Next time when I start cycling I will try to start cycling in different environments and try to see how different environments affect my performance. This activity has helped me to remain active and not become lethargic and also helped travel around the city and have a look at it which makes me feel fresh and energetic.


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