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Because of lockdown my fitness went down to a greater extent and it went down at the worst time possible as this was the time where I had to increase my fitness and develop the shape of my bodys as after 2 years I would enter college where I need to have a good image of myself. For which physical fitness is a must that’s where I decided it’s the right time to start gyming , which will help me bring a transformation to my body and make myself fit. The aim was to only have a regular gym and just focus on fitness and now body transformation. Body transformation is something I will not focus on now as it requires years.

LO1- I identified that my strengths were Leg day and Cardio days and my weakness were Chest day and Upper body day. I identified it in a couple of weeks after analysing the condition of my body each day and also by checking the sets of exercise I could do on those days. And to overcome my weakness I increased the Chest , Upper body days. In order to turn my weakness into strength.

LO2- Gyming was something new for me , and after lockdown it  was difficult for me to break my comforting schedule and wake up early at 6 am in the morning for gyming. Additionally when you start gyming you feel unimaginable pain for the first couple weeks. It was very challenging for me to still continue gyming and bearing the pain together. 

LO3- I made a gym schedule for myself to organize my daily schedule. So that I don’t miss out on either one of them. Additionally I increase the days on which I hold weights so that I turn my weakness into strength. I kept Legs – 1 day , Cardio – 1 day , Chest –  2 days , Upper body – 2 days.

LO4 – I was highly committed towards this experience , as I was very passionate about this experience. As after 2-3 weeks it kind of became an integral part of my schedule. And I made my schedule in a way that I never miss my gym time like I slept at 11pm at night so that I get at least 7 hours of sleep which is enough so that I stay focused and feel energetic for the next day in the gym. And this activity required my commitment and attention as gyming is something which should be regular as you body develops when you do gyming passionately , regularly for a longer period of time.

LO6 – The global issue  on which I showed engagement was “health” and I focused on one of the sustainable development goals by UN which was  “ Good health and well being” , as it’s important for every individual to have good health and well being from the start of his teenage life for a brighter and a longer future. You cannot compromise with heath and tasks associated with health as health is life , without good health there is no life. And I started gyming for good health and they even gave me a specific diet for maintaining good health and I am still following it as it provides me the right nutrients required by my body.

LO7 – During my gym experience , I started doing exercise quickly to show my speed but there I made an unethical decision as I used the wrong technique to do that particular exercise. WHich gave me a lot of back when I returned home. And I could have also have got myself seriously injured as my muscles could have been torn,stretched or pulled. I even could have a fracture. But I recognized my wrong decision and actions quickly and rectified them. 

I even developed the learner profile Balanced as I made my daily tasks organized in a way that I don’t compromise on any one of them. And complete all of my daily work. This helped me develop the skills of performing various tasks with quality. The next time I start gyming I will focus on my body transformation as now I am well known to gym basics and how to use machines. And will use the right techniques to use machines and do exercise.


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