Tennis- CAS

LO 1

A strength I have is to begin tennis with a good cardio base (due to cycling), which helped me in playing shots with footwork and other drills. That way I was able to empty 1-2 crates of balls everyday and have enough practice. As I start to play full sets/games this fitness shall help me. 

LO 2

For the first few days I worked on my forehand shot only. As I progressed, I learned it is not just about the arm movement but much more about the leg/footwork. Squatting from the start and lifting up as I move towards the follow through. This allowed me to generate a good shot without moving my wrists (which one shouldnt) and get the required height to cross the net. I also watched slow motion videos of real tennis players to understand the forehand shot. 

LO 4

I have to be up by 5 everyday, which requires lots of commitment and perseverance to put in continuous effort for weeks. The court starts to get busy after 645 so I must be there and start hitting balls. Even after getting mild arm sores, I keep playing. With the monsoon reeling in, I expect to continue again in the winter and play on the few occasional dry days.

LO 5

For the first few weeks I played in the morning to get practice while there’s less people around, (there were no beginners in my batch). Even though I don’t find it very comfortable to get along with other people, I chose to play in the evening on some days to practice with other younger players to get some healthy competition and progress faster. images and video

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