CAS Activity 5: Deep learning course (creativity+action)

Initial strengths: When starting this, I was already well versed with mathematics and how the math operators work, so i did not have any problem in that area.

Initial weaknesses: When starting this, I had not done any programming for a while, so I faced minor difficulties in memorizing coding methods, such as remembering syntax and common notations.

Final strengths: When completing this, I had become much more affluent in coding, as a result, I am now confident, and i can possibly use this tool in my math IA.

Final weaknesses catered to: When completing this, I finally catered to the problem of memorizing code, such as code for matrix operations.

Reason for CAS project:


This activity required persistence and regular revising of knowledge, because the language is built up on itself. You need to remember the past lessons thoroughly in order to understand further lessons. That meant that I had to be extremely well versed with the terminology and the commands in order to make successful programs. This also meant that i was required to maintain thorough notes of all that I had done across the days, because it would be much easier than skimming through the vast online library that they have. I only used the guide when I encountered something outside of the course.


This activity was not difficult to start, but it was sometimes difficult to understand. I am a fan of the lesser known languages and software workspaces, such as Matlab here, and i prefer only PC deployment, as i hate mobile software. I like creating models and automation, and that is why i chose this. I wanted to do something that was thorough in itself, and not similar to other languages encountered,

Commitment was natural for me, as this was part of my interest and was much more interesting than something boring like economics.

Showing perseverance is important, as it helps overcome preference over leisure and promotes indulgence into productivity. By being indulgent in the course, I slowly and gradually developed a passion of mathematical coding, and so I had to slowly come to my senses in certain periods because I had done too much work, and I needed to exercise more as i was sitting for long periods of time.


I had to collaborate with many people online in order to get my queries solved, as well as try to create something new using this tool. This demanded that i work with many other people and that I get to exchange knowledge with other people. This knowledge exchange led me to develop newer understandings of commands that i had previously missed. The knowledge and experiences that I gained were something that the guides cannot explain completely, as a human expert can obviously explain better than their written guides. If this collaborative feature were not there, I would not have completely understood certain concepts.


A lot of the issues I encountered were with programming bugs, and those were often caused by syntax errors. It was difficult to master the programming language, in the sense of remembering the syntax and methodology without checking the guide for reference. Gradually across time I started to get more and more familiar with the bugs, and I noticed that i was not committing them as much as I was before. This gave me an extra sense of assurance that I was on the right path and that i was not doing anything wrong.

Final takeaways:

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