Fitness (activity)

Fitness is something that is the same thing for everyone, fitness is used to represent your health and it also plays a huge role in your life, being fit brings along a lot of benefits with it, it reduces the chances of diseases, gives you a better body which functions better and also increases you life expectancy. This experience caters to Activity strand of CAS since it contributes towards a healthy lifestyle for me.

LO 2 : Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

The whole experience and activity itself was challenging for me because I normally never do exercise, especially during the lockdown, the whole time I would stay at home and do nothing but laze around never doing any physical work, so doing exercise was challenging for me. I overcome this challenge by starting with easy and low duration exercises, and hen increase them slowly. If I did not overcome it then I would affect my health in a negative way and maybe just do cycling and jogging/running instead of many different exercises. I feel that undertaking this challenge has helped in coming one step closer to a healthy life.

LO 4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

This activity was difficult where perseverance and commitment was needed because if exercises are not done on a regular basis then there won’t really be any change, to have change and be fit I need to exercise on a regular basis. The commitment required was to give a certain amount of time of the day to exercise and do it regularly with a few rest days. It is not easy for me to commit or show perseverance because I easily give up, especially in situations related o exercise.

LO 6 : Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

The global issue in this case was that many people around the world don’t focus on their health even when they know about it. This is a global issue because this happens everywhere regardless of the country/place in one way or another they are having negative impact on their health. Knowing that it is a global issue it motivates me more to actually work on my fitness. It makes me feel bad because people can have so many health issues just because they don’t take care of their body, if they take care of it then they can avoid so many health issues. My work in this CAS activity makes me feel that it is actually a global issue because millions of people die every year because of poor health care.

Conclusion : During this experience I developed principled, balanced and reflective LPs, I started doing things that were good for me and my body, it helped me create a little bit of balance in my lifestyle, and when reflected upon, I just did exercise everyday since I knew and reflected that it was beneficial for me. The highlight of this experience or me was the benefit it brought to me and my body, it brought a sense of success and achievement for me since I knew that it is beneficial for me, and with time the difficulty also increases, so this also contributed towards the success and achievement that I got.

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