Plasma Donor Website – CAS – Service

We are three students who have an aim to make a website to help the transfer of plasma in Surat easier. As most of the population has a phone and can communicate easily, we made this website so that it will be easy for people to communicate with each other and give or receive plasma.


LO2: There were many challenges we faced during and after making the website. One of them was publicity, there are millions of other websites which people can explore and so how will we make people aware of ours. This was the most difficult challenge we faced during this CAS. To overcome it, we spent money to sponsor our website on social medias such as facebook and instagram so that people will be aware of it and the users will increase. Another challenge we faced was glitches during the creation of the website, as coding is really difficult, even one mistake in it can be crucial for the website and so we had to focus on every word we write in the codes.

LO3: Coding is very difficult and this is the new skill I accomplished during this CAS. I didn’t know how to code and had to learn it before the making of the website. I learnt is through different other websites about coding. Here is the link which helped me the most to learn coding:,type%20it%20if%20you%20prefer)
Also we were in a team so we divided our work and it became way more efficient and quicker for the making of the website.

LO5: Teamwork is always better as the work is done quickly and new opinions help make the outcome even more better. Website making can take a lot of time if done alone as it requires a lot of focus in coding. But making a website in a team for me became way more easy, as one of my friend knew coding from before and so he taught me how to code and it made our work even more easire.

LO6: As there are many people who need blood and cannot find they blood type donor who is willing to give them blood. It has became a global issue since then and so through this website it has become easy to find a donor who is willing to give blood.


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