Planting is something I loved in my childhood, my grandparents use to tech me planting, however I got disconnected from planting due to never ending assignments and examinations, but due to the global pandemic I learnt a lot about environment and why nature and greenery is important for human, the covid pandemic gave me a opportunity to comeback on the activity. During the lockdown I planted around 5-6 plants in my house and used to take care of them. 

LO 2 = Demonstrate the challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process 

I came across various challenges during the planting activity, one of which was digging hole properly as in starting the hole id dug was going a bit cross, due to which my plant also got tilted, which didn’t look good, so I had to dig multiple times and put the plant properly, so it’s not titled. The other most frequent challenge I faced was insects and bugs while planting there were various insect and bug bites on my hands and legs.    According to my nature, I don’t have patience, I am very impatient and planting activity helps me develop that skill and make me learn how to be patient as during planting different vegetables you need patience, time and hard work.  

LO 6= Demonstrate engagement with issues of Global Significance

Due to the rising issue of deforestation, where millions of trees are being cut down and the building is being made, The global pandemic taught me, why should take care of nature and why the environment is so important for us, also in-house planting is very good for health and mental well-being, it gives out fresh oxygen, purifies aura around us and takes in CO2 reducing pollution. Plus by taking care of plants and growing them, I am taking care of my life on land and supporting climate action as plants surely reduce pollution and make the environment purer. 

To conclude, I would say I definitely achieved success in this experience because I catered to a few Sustainable development goals like good health and well-being, life on land & climate action. During this experience, I planted 5 different types of plants and managed them all on my own. The learner profile attributes I developed during this experience were firstly inquired as I learned about gardening and in house planting, Secondly Caring – as I took care of all the plants and their requirements myself. These experiences not only benefited me but my family, neighbours and society as well, by giving them all health and mental benefits of in-house planting. Also, this experience improved the quality of life, we are living as due to planting more plants the air we breathe was pure and natural. 

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